Low Histamine Life – Day 9

My hot flashes are almost gone.

Yesterday I only had 2 hot flashes – and really, the first one was just a warm flash.  It wasn’t even hot.  The second one I had right after eating dinner.  I had eaten some mushrooms with a lot of garlic – I was dying for something with a strong flavor.  I had eaten mushrooms before without a reaction, but not in this quantity – this was about 1/2 cup.  Plus, it appears lots of people react to garlic.  Well, between the mushrooms and the garlic I definitely had a histamine reaction – the hot flash, prickly heat on my back, fatigue, soreness.

Anyway, the good news is that my hot flashes – the pain in the ass symptom that’s been plaguing me for several years now is receding as I eat/supplement to reduce histamine.  I don’t think histamine alone caused the hot flashes – I think it’s probably a combination of factors that include hormonal changes and lowered histamine threshold due to stress over time.  It lends support to the idea I’ve heard before that as we age we just can’t handle some of the biological stressors we used to endure easily.

Hot flashes are going away!

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  1. Makes sense. Stress makes cortisol Histamine makes cortisol They stack. Cortisol kills 5ht, endorphin, you feel like crap.

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