HW – Day 15

I’m halfway through my 30 days of Humaworm.  I was starting to feel really good – like, 3 days in a row with no fatigue, mood was an 8 or 9 out of 10, generally doing great.  I decided to see if I can tolerate eating a few raw fruits/veggies so I had some blueberries and some sauerkraut for 2 or 3 days in a row.  Now, I can see that nothing has changed – I still can’t eat that stuff.  Fatigue is back, mood is poor (not awful, just not good).

I guess I’ll go ahead and finish the HW – I was feeling good…I just don’t know if that has anything at all to do with the HW.  I’m seeing no visual evidence of parasites.  Maybe it’s coming…who knows.  What I do know is that when I eat fiber or starch my mood turns to shit and fatigue is right behind it.  Nothing has helped.  I’ve now used antifungals, antibacterials, and antiparasitics.  Is there any organism I’ve missed?

I’m getting pretty close to just accepting that I will not be eating raw foods or starches…ever.  I calculated what I ate today using Cronometer and I’m able to get all of my nutrition without eating that stuff, so I suppose I should just let it go.  It’s a little inconvenient, but I can eat ice cream so it could be a lot worse.

Speaking of ice cream….I had a fasting insulin test done:

  • June 2016 – 20.9 (range 2.0 – 19.6) – HIGH – After about 5 months of very low carb
  • Sept 2016 – 24.6 (range 2.6 – 24.9) – After about 2 months of about 150g of carbohydrate/day

So fasting insulin is up after 2 months of moderate carbohydrate intake.  Weird that the lab range changed.  I went to the same lab.  Maybe as the population gets sicker the norm gets higher.  Now my insulin is higher…but I’m within the normal range.  That just shouldn’t be.

Maybe I should stop eating things that make me tired, get my energy back up again, and start exercising.  Seems that’s the best option at this point.  I’ve tried to eat low fat and it makes me want to binge eat, so I’m not going to do that right now.

2 thoughts on “HW – Day 15

  1. I find carbs in general, and starches (and resistant starches especially) act more like SSRIs/SNRIs..they’re dulling, kill energy, increase sleeping, increase apathy, worse fbg. That can be quite useful in someone who’s neurotic/anxious, worries, has insomnia, high strung, etc and can calm them down into an apathetiic slug.

    For me, Low carb, IFing, and especially with augmenting things like caffeine (very short burst), and dopamine agonists like green tea do the opposite–anything to get the catecholamines going. Of course if you’re neurotic/anxious,have insomnia etc it would make it worse. Otoh, you get more fat oxidation.

  2. I’ve tried both and neither one works for me. I think I’m done worrying about food. I’ve got my answer – I know what I can eat and not feel like shit. Next.

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