I don’t feel brilliant so I’m just going to do a bullet-pointed list of crap that’s going on.

  • I don’t care about my weight much anymore.  I hate to say I’ve given up on it.  Maybe it’s just been overshadowed by my focus on getting healthy.  My compulsive scale-stepping behavior is dwindling, and I don’t care.  I don’t care about being attractive to anyone anymore so maybe that’s part of the reason.  I still want to be clean and look professional for work, but other than that I’ve sort of given up on ever looking good again.
  • My blood pressure is high.  I thought it would be lower with all the magnesium and potassium I’ve been getting in fruit/vegetable juices lately…but it’s high.  Today it was 149/99.
  • I can digest more foods now, like nightshades, eggs, and cheese.  I’m not having a histamine reaction to everything anymore either. I attribute this to a month of colostrum and L-glutamine, combined with carbohydrates in my diet again.  I think for me a low carb diet reduces the building materials the body needs to rebuild the gut wall.  Won’t be doing that again.  I sold my Ketonix device on ebay.
  • I’ve been listening to Dr. Daniels’ podcasts.  She is really pretty way out there.  In a podcast I listened to yesterday (episode released 1/5/16) she was saying that ultrasounds during pregnancy are like dropping a grenade on the baby.  And she sounded critical of cutting the cord after a baby is born. I can’t decide if she’s nuts or brilliant.  Sort of the same way I perceive Jack Kruse.
  • I looked into getting consultation with Dr. Daniels. She charges $350 for a half hour consultation.  She apparently has a 16-week coaching program for $5,000, which is pretty reasonable considering it includes weekly 1-hour coaching calls with Dr. Daniels.  The initial $350 for an initial consultation is probably intended to screen out people who aren’t wealthy enough for the longer program.  She’s wrong though…I would consider spending 5K on a 16-week program, but we’ll never know if it would be a good fit because I wouldn’t spend that much for a brief initial consultation.  Seriously, it’s over $10 a minute.
  • I’m not confident in Humaworm.  Once I used a stimulant laxative (dulcolax) and became very depressed the next day – apparently agitation of the large intestine has the same effect on me as eating starch or fiber.  After ordering Humaworm I realized it contained Senna, which is a stimulant laxative.  So now I’m afraid the Humaworm is going to spin me into a depression.   I’m not going to be able to tolerate that for a month.  It ruins my ability to function in life at an acceptable level.
  • I’m fairly convinced I have parasites…but as I’ve mentioned before I tend to get my mind wrapped around a certain diagnosis and become convinced I have it. So maybe not.  I’m open to the idea of using Turpentine again, but I’m not sure how to increase bowel elimination to 3x per day.  Juice all day long leaves me hungry and I can’t tolerate fiber.  Meat and cheese probably slow down transit a little, but I’m not sure what else to do.  I dunno.  There are other kinds of laxative agents….maybe I’ll look into that a little.  I’m not constipated…I just don’t want there to be any chance that parasites or their toxins get reabsorbed.  My current elimination pattern is 1-2 times per day.
  • I have no idea who I am anymore.  Who would I be if I wasn’t battling this depression and anxiety?  This constant hunger and fatigue?  What if I could just be a healthy person whose body functioned well all day?  I can imagine it because I’ve had days like that.  But it doesn’t last very long.  I don’t even know if I’d be interested in health and wellness at all if not for my current struggle.  I used to be interested in eating disorders…until mine went away (thanks to eating more food and stopping the chronic dieting and starvation cycle).  I used to be interested in addictions until I stopped working at a restaurant and partying every night.  I used to be interested in helping people with relationship problems, and studied to be a counselor…until I got married and stopped being lonely.  No idea who I would be.
  • My focus in life has had to get very narrow.  I care about keeping my head above water at work (because I am financially supporting my family) and making sure my daughter has a nice life.  Those are the things I put my energy into.  I’m trying to fix my health so that those two things can happen.  Without it, both suffer.  Plus…it sure would feel good to feel good again.


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I don’t tolerate senna either, which is why I never bothered with Dr. Daniels Vitality capsules. I think it’s safe to use turpentine even if you’re only eliminating twice a day, that’s just my opinion.

    And I agree that the intestinal lining needs some carbs in order to function properly….at least mine does. I’m not sure how much carbohydrate is necessary, but I recall Ray Medina and Chris Masterjohn both saying that ya need some.

    Peat recommends something called cascara sagrada, I’ve never used it though so I can’t say anything more than lots of people really like it.

    I have a friend that has been addicted to laxatives for decades. She cannot “go” at all without them. Her health is getting progressively worse (osteoporosis/tooth loss, chronic pain, weight gain, etc) which I believe is due to poor absorption of nutrients in her chronically irritated gut.

    Are you getting enough calcium? Do you feel like you are well nourished?

  2. Also, as far as I know, no single person has ALL the answers. Not Daniels, not Peat, not Kruse….despite their brilliance and correctness on some issues, they may even be 100% right on MANY issues, but I still don’t think one single person knows everything….especially as it pertains to your unique self.

    But I guess that’s why working one-on-one with a person would have merit, you could drill down and discover much more in depth, but it does get mighty expensive.

    I did that once with a fancy naturopathic specialist in women’s health back in 1998. I cost me more than $5000.00 back then and I didn’t get near the support I had hoped for (once a month visits). I learned a little about my hormones (estrogen dominance). I did lose weight and my skin cleared up for the first time EVER. She had me on those Metagenics shakes that I mentioned to you earlier and psyllium fiber. She switched me from T4 medication to Armor thyroid….so there was definitely some useful bits I got from it. But it still wasn’t the WHOLE PICTURE.

    Once a week visits seem far better….I kinda wince at the price and yet I also know from my own experience that getting one’s health back IS PRICELESS.

    Dr. Daniels has some strong opinions and she definitely tells it like it is, so if you decide to consult with her you might like to be mentally prepared for a bit of a “tough” approach. I personally LOVE that about her, but some more timid folks find it off putting….not saying that you’re timid Lanie, it’s merely a heads up.

    I’ve noticed some people on phone calls with her seem to want constant reassurance and she is very cut and dry with them, no coddling. But perhaps she takes a different approach with paying clients rather than free call-ins, who knows?

  3. @Meme – Yes, getting enough calcium. In fact I’ve OD’ed a bit on cheese lately. Need to cut it out, really as it slows motility. I have tried cascara and in fact even have a small bag of it. I forgot all about it – thanks for the reminder. I don’t remember anything bad happening from it. That, as well as Senna, is in Humaworm too. The HW is supposed to arrive on Saturday. I’ll probably give it a try and keep my fingers crossed.

    I’ve had to stop listening to Dr. Daniels’ podcasts because they were irritating me. The audio quality is poor and there are dogs barking in the background and stuff. I know myself to be a bit audio-sensitive. It is a shame because I think her opinions are unique and interesting. Still might try the turp though!

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