Gradual Improvement

Things are slowly getting better.  I can think with some clarity now.

I’m still figuring out my current supplement protocol.  I figured out which of the gut-healing supplements was causing me to feel terrible and I’m attempting to continue it at a much lower dose.  Still headaches though, so I might have to stop it altogether.

Weight is stable at exactly 200.8.  I have been eating cheese and sauerkraut periodically – both high in histamine – which may be inflammatory for me right now.  So they’re out.  It’s hard to stick with just meat, honey, coconut oil, and orange juice. But if that’s what I have to do, I’ll do it.

Fasting blood sugar is stable around 107, despite eating lots of honey and orange juice.  Huh…it’s almost as if sugar isn’t the cause of my insulin resistance.

You know, after all I’ve been through in the last year and a half with the ketogenic/low carb/Paleo diets, the supplements, the practitioners and doctors, the highs and lows, I’d have to say I completely understand where Ray Peat is coming from now.

Low carb is stressful on the body, and that’s why I can only keep it up for 5-6 months.  I could do it longer if I wasn’t already in a fairly advanced stage of adrenal fatigue.  Lately I’ve been eating only monosaccharides to avoid poisoning myself with endotoxin – it’s working. I can again cope with life.

Brain is still a bit compromised – not feeling like I’m able to put sentences together well yet.  The words aren’t flowing.  So I’ll stop here today.

3 thoughts on “Gradual Improvement

  1. I’ve heard anecdotal reports of die-off when treating leaky gut temporarily making you feel like cr*p when fixing it since all those dying bugs release those toxins.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure that’s part of it. I notice die off for me feels like immune system activation – fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes. And yes, that’s temporary. When depression hits I know that’s not die off – that’s a result of the beast being fed. I’m just hanging loose right now waiting for this to pass.

  3. Hi Lanie…Yeah, low-carb is great until is isn’t. I found, like you, that it’s not sustainable as a way of life and it gets to be very stressful on the body if you keep at it for too long. Plus, it’s more like it works (temporarily) by way of avoidance rather that directly addressing root causes.

    I’ve also found that eating very low fat is NOT great in the long term either. Just like low-carb, it’s not sustainable. Keeping fat lowish can help with blood sugar issues, but ultimately metabolic syndrome has to do with inflammation…..which is MULTI-FACTORIAL (dammit), there’s no one simple diet or answer.

    Overall caloric intake, nutritional density from whole real food, microbial overgrowth, PUFA and grain avoidance, stress management, easy movement/exercise, food intolerances, daily sunlight, good sleep, keeping my liver happy, some T3 and progesterone….I’ve found that I absolutely must mitigate/address each of these items every single day in order to make progress. There isn’t a single area that I can slack on and not pay a price.

    I hope I don’t come across as having all the answers, I certainly don’t and I’m on the same journey as you.

    But I’ve started making a bit of progress again since I cut out cow dairy and all refined sugar. I still eat plenty of carbs from OJ, whole fruit, raw local honey and occasional well cooked black beans and potatoes (NOT every day on these last two though.) I’m getting all my dairy from goat milk and goat/sheep cheese. All cow products were causing me inflammation, including beef. I’m down to 129 pounds while still eating just over 2,000 calories per day (on Sundays I eat more cuz they’re my FREE days and I don’t track), so I’m definitely not starving.

    Not bad for 50 years old, but I will forever wish that I’d figured it out sooner……I have a ways to go yet in order to meet my fitness goals and my skin still gives me issues. I think this is still due to liver/endotoxin as a dip in mood often coincides. Work in progress.

    I’ve come a long way from the emotionally unstable 205 pound hypertensive, hyper-lipid, hypothyroid diabetic that I once was. It’s been a very long road with LOTS of learning through trial and error…I’m sure there’s more to come, but my list above is pretty solid as far as what is working.

    Balance and Perseverance for sustainability….you’ll find your sweet spot.

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