Time for an overdue update.

I have not been well at all.  I’ve had about 10 days of depression, irritability, poor cognitive function, pain, and general malaise.  I don’t care what that doctor says – I have a leaky gut and endotoxin poisoning and it’s up to me to fix it.  I’m not lacking thyroid hormone.  I took the NDT for a week and felt nothing.  Took the hydrocortisone and felt like I took a little caffeine.  Not interested.

Fortunately I have access to a program that gives me a lot of hope – the Solving Leaky Gut program.  I’m too tired and cognitively deranged right now to put in links or write cohesive paragraphs.  I’m just going to try to get some words out so I have a record of what’s going on.

A couple weeks ago I decided to do this Leaky Gut program but wanted to get tested first, so I put the supplements on hold.  I didn’t intentionally put the diet on hold, but that got held too. Somewhere in there I thought it would be a great idea to eat rice, so I did that for a couple days, because hey – I used to be able to tolerate fresh white rice just fine.  Now, no can do.  I was crying and causing relationship distress for days after that . At that point I decided it’s time to start these gut-healing supplements so I added them.  They gave me a headache that lasted a week and aches all over my body.  I kept waiting for the pain to go away. It didn’t.

A few days ago I cut back and yesterday I stopped taking them.  I’m almost back to pain free now.  I’m adding them in one at a time – colostrum first, as that seems to be the most critical for gut healing.  Next will be L-glutamine and then the other thing…I can’t remember what it’s called. Actually there are a lot of them but some seem more important than others.

Basically I’m a waste of space right now.  I’m worthless at home, worthless at work.  I have no good ideas and feel like I don’t deserve to take up oxygen.

I have tried hard core low carb and ketogenic diets – several times during the life of this blog, for months each time.  Each time I start feeling like shit around month 5 or 6 and can’t continue.

I can’t eat blueberries anymore without falling apart.  I’ve added carbohydrates to my diet in the form of monosaccharides (honey, orange juice) because disaccharides (sugar, milk) and polysaccharides make me feel terrible, like I’m being poisoned.  I can’t handle anything with any fiber so I’m basically eating meat, coconut oil, honey, and orange juice.  That’s it.  It’s actually very satisfying, compared to low carb.

I now believe that all of my health problems are caused by a bacterial pathogen living in my small intestine, which is creating lipopolysaccharides and poisoning me.  I believe my only hope is this Leaky Gut protocol to heal the gut, and at some point some antimicrobials to kill this creature.  Currently I can’t tolerate the antimicrobials either…so that will come later.  I’m taking probiotics several times a day too.

I’m a mess right now.  Disorganized, angry, sad, exhausted.  This happened because my body was dying from the low-carb-ness of my diet and I started eating a bunch of crap that ended up poisoning me.

Done with low carb diets for good.

I don’t care about my labs…I’m eating simple sugars.  I seriously doubt insulin is making me sick.  Sorry, science – you might be right about a lot of people, but you’re not right about me.

Embarrassed to hit publish, but here it is.

9 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hang in there Lanie! I’ve finally pretty much solved my gut problems and I’m sure you will too. The Leaky Gut Program sounds like a good program and I was considering starting it as well. Whatever you do, don’t give up. You’re worth it!

  2. Forgot to mention, LPS reduces dopamine, So you feel like unmotivated, lethargic, unhappy zombie. And low dopamine depresses SNS….

  3. Woo thinks Leptin works mainly by increasing dopamine levels. I’m not sure. But her theory is +Leptin–>+Dopamine–>+SNS–>weight loss/reduced appetite

    Now, Lustig never mentions dopamine, he simply says +Leptin–>+SNS. I don’t know if dopamine for sure is the middleman in all of this but….

    ..your experience with LCHF only makes sense if LPS from leaky gutis killing your dopamine levels.

    People get fat on SSRIS/SNRIs antidepressents like paxil, etc because while it improves serotonin, it kills dopamine.

    So I’m thinking that’s the pathology in your case.

  4. Also, I did some research…If you remember Phen/fen back in the 90s that caused heart valve damage? The Phen part (that some still use to day), weakly raises dopamine. But if the Fen part is added to the Phen, it strongly raises dopamine (I think it double it over normal) causing the weight loss you saw back then. Based on woo’s hypothesis, that’s further downstream than leptin, so makes sense.

    Hibernating animals in the fall have dopamine that drops like a rock, and rises in seratonin like they are overdosing on an SSRI. They stop breeding, and other typical behaviors and only concentrate on stuffing themselves for the winter.

  5. That’s interesting – thanks for sharing all this. As soon as I get my supplement regimen stabilized I’ll consider some of these dopamine boosting ideas. I’m no stranger to anhedonia, which is caused by low dopamine, so that fits.

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