Ice Cream Doesn’t Love Me Anymore

I’m having a very hard time sticking to low-carb now.  This always happens after a few months of low carb eating for me – I no longer feel good.  I have started adding fruit, as recommended by the Solving Leaky Gut guys (who are also the SCD Lifestyle guys), and that has gone ok – I don’t seem to be having any trouble digesting fruit, but it does make me stupid hungry.  A half hour after I eat anything with any kind of sugar – including fruit – I’m starving.

I’m so fucking sick of this.

Yesterday I tried to add some honey and some blueberries to my otherwise chicken-ridden day.  I became so hungry for more sugar that I ate some ice cream.  Today I’m depressed, yelling at people, crying, overwhelmed, having trouble concentrating.  I never used to have that reaction to ice cream – or blueberries for that matter.

I seem to tolerate dairy fine – I haven’t been eating it for a week or two now but that’s just because the SLG guys told me not to for 30 days (I was obviously unable to comply).  I do, however, have ridiculous mood problems when I eat starches…and now, apparently, sugar.  Sugar is a disaccharide, starch is a polysaccharide.  The fact that I’m now having mood problems from sugar suggests to me that either my gut has become leakier or this (possible) gut infection has moved up in the small intestine (thus things that require less digestion are now also problematic).

You know that old tale about the guy who lost his keys on the porch but is looking for them under the streetlight?  And someone comes up and asks him why he’s doing that and he says, “Because the light is better over here.”  I’m running into this a lot lately.  People who would rather do what they’re good at – look where the light is better – than really get at the actual root of a problem. I went to see my doctor yesterday – he’s a functional medicine practitioner.  I still like my doc and he’s 100x better than any conventional doc, but he’s still about symptom management rather than getting at the root of the problem.  He would rather help me feel better than help me to get healthy.  I suppose most people just want to feel better.  I want that too, but I also want to not have diabetes, and not get kidney disease, and not get alzheimer’s.

The tools he uses are far superior to what I was being offered by my conventional doc.  Like, he considers yeast overgrowth, thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue – all of these things are good.  But he won’t hear me when I tell him my depression is caused by what I eat.  He would rather look for thyroid problems or adrenal fatigue than consider why that might be happening.  So he prescribed me some NDT for possible thyroid issues (even though my temps and labs are ok) and hydrocortisone for adrenal fatigue.  In the meantime ice cream is making my life suck.

I’m going to try taking the NDT and see how it goes.  Holding off for now on the hydrocortisone.

He didn’t want to prescribe antibiotics.  I suspect he has a blanket aversion to using them in all but dire and obvious cases.  I guess I can respect that.

I did get some testing done – I asked him if he would order it and he did.  For that I am very grateful.  It’s Cyrex Labs Array 2, which tests for leaky gut and lipopolysaccharide antibodies.  I’ll let you know when I get the results.


4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Doesn’t Love Me Anymore

  1. Hydrocortisone would reduce your inflammatory reaction, but of course wouldn’t treat the root of what appears to be the leaky gut. But that will just raise cortisol raising insulin, blocking more leptin.

    I think you should get on the colostrum ASAP. Make bone broths and go high on the L-Glutamine supplements (the powders are usually required, not the measely amounts in pillls..I wouldn’t waste time. Fix your gut ASAP so you can tolerate other foods. The sooner you fix your gut, the sooner I think you could start tolerating starches. lentils, legumes, etc. and get away from the low serotonin problems you are having from the low carb.

  2. Are you taking any herbal anti-microbials? Imbalanced gut flora can and will cause all sorts of mood/energy/inflammation/blood sugar/food craving issues….you already know this. And for some people it doesn’t seem to get better on it’s own or with age, a progressive downward spiral. Some folks (me) need extra help. Raw Garlic is great, Turpentine is better.

    So I say Nuke ‘Em.

    And yes, it’s safe. Please read the review linked above and do some research if it resonates with you.

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