Well, I have not stopped eating like an idiot yet.

I know, not very nice language.  I know I should speak more kindly about myself…whatever, I’m speaking from the heart.  And honestly, sometimes I can be an idiot.

Yesterday I barked at a teenager for poor customer service.  I felt really low after that.  That’s not something I do when I’m feeling good…and I’ve brought on an aggressive, impatient mood again by eating the wrong things.  It’s hard to avoid them, but I could be doing better with the planning so I don’t get in situations where I’m starving with nothing to eat.  Then again, when you can only eat about 5 things it’s hard to do – am I really going to bring kale soup along with me when I go grocery shopping?

Ok, I’ll stop being the victim.  I have a great life.  I just need to plan better.

I have not been prioritizing my health at all for several weeks, and it’s interesting to see what’s happening.  Let’s move on to the science:

fasting blood sugar

What does this graph tell me?

  • The yeast protocol had no effect.
  • The elimination diet did have an effect but was unsustainable because very few things made it through the testing phase and the diet remained extremely limited.
  • Blood sugar (and also inflammation?) goes up and down with weight, regardless of eating low carb or not.
  • I’m headed in the wrong direction at the moment.

Around June 1st I started reacting to almost everything and also started having a very hard time sticking to only the safe foods I had identified (kale soup and chicken, mostly).  I think I was starting to react to things previously determined to be safe, actually.

Now, it’s been maybe a month of eating…kind of whatever.  I’m not overeating or eating past full…but I’m also not tracking calories.  I’m having new symptoms lately:

  • Swollen, sore tongue
  • Joint pain
  • Enlarged lymph glands that come and go

I’m managing to make myself sicker.

I know eating a very high protein breakfast has helped in the past, and honestly I’ve been skipping breakfast lately and getting very sloppy – just not planning at all. So it really is time to stop goofing off and start paying attention and prioritizing myself again.

I’m not really an idiot.  I’m just sick.

5 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Hormones matter talks a lot about thiamine and hypoxia in children and adults. Could the allithiamine be causing a deficiency in other vitamins and minerals? Do you take niacinamide B3 also, how about folate B7? I know your greens could have magnesium, wonder if it is enough. have you ever had elevated eosinophils? This could also be the cause of food intolerances.

  2. Hi Toni – I only took the allithiamine for 1 week, and then I was feeling crappy so I stopped taking everything that has not become trusted by me over time. I think if a B1 deficiency was causing me a lot of problems i would have started feeling better soon after taking it. It just doesn’t really add up to me – I’ve been taking a high-quality multivitamin for 18 months, including bioavailable forms of the B vitamins. I went to the Hormones Matter website and couldn’t get past the sea of small type. Is there a particular page/link you think would be useful?

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