Kitchen Sink Approach

I’ve decided to throw a bunch of shit at the problem and see what happens.  I don’t have time anymore for this well-controlled one-variable-at-a-time stuff.  And honestly, maybe that’s not the best approach anyway.  Maybe there’s more than one thing going on and it takes changing several things at a time to make a difference.  For instance, a study came out this week in which 10 people were given multiple interventions and ALL were able to reverse their memory loss due to Alzheimer’s.  But they didn’t try one thing at a time and carefully measure baseline and single condition changes.  They used a “36-point therapeutic programme.”  So let’s throw the kitchen sink at this bitch! Science says it’s ok!

Anyway, I figure once I’m fixed and perfect I can always peel things off one at a time.

So I’ve decided to do the following things:

Will the diet be restrictive?  Yes, but less restrictive than what I was eating most days on The Plan. Welcome back avocados!  Bye bye mozzarella.

What should I call this plan?  How about New Plan. Ingenious!  Or maybe something else.

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Approach

  1. If you want to throw more in the sink, you could do mediation, go on a relaxing vacation, listen to relaxing music, take a relaxing walk, have fun, and go on adaptogens for adrenal issues too. In bed by 10pm, sleep in till 8am.

  2. Toni – Thank you. I’ll get around to reading it at some point, but is there an important message you want me to see?

  3. SWOT – Agreed, these are important aspects of life. I do get plenty of sleep and take licorice root for adrenal issues. I make time to relax at least a little every day and have fun as often as I can. I really don’t feel stressed out in general.

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