I had a couple of blood markers tested last week.  Here are the results:

  • Fasting insulin: 20.9 (range 2.0-19.6) HIGH

My last fasting insulin was in February, and it was 20.7.  Essentially unchanged. During that 4 months I’ve consumed a low carb high fat diet on all but about 4 days.  Apparently this is not going to be fixed by changing my macronutrient ratio.  Fasting and exercise are the best bets at this point, and fasting is not something I’m able to tolerate.  So exercise.

  • hs-CRP: 8.0 (range 0-3.0) HIGH

Here’s my history with my hs-CRP:


High inflammation for four years (probably longer but that’s when I started testing)…and not better now after lots of time spent avoiding inflammatory foods in the last 6 weeks.

Will think about my next steps today.

7 thoughts on “Labs

  1. If I were me, I’d get food allergy testing done, and start an anti-inflammatory and cortisol lowering protocol…If I we’re me.

  2. You could try a modified fast with Metagenics Ultra Clear protein shakes. They’re made with rice protein and loaded with nutrients while being very anti-inflammatory. You eat several shakes per day while avoiding all foods that trigger inflammation….It’s kind of a metabolic reset and food sensitivity test all rolled in to one. I think I ate 5 or 6 shakes per day, some had psyllium fiber added to them for bulk and to keep things moving. You DO NOT want to get constipated.

    I’m in no way affiliated with Metagenics, but I found them very helpful in the past.

    As far as I know, not all food allergy testing is accurate, but total elimination/avoidance for several weeks and reintroducing foods one at a time is a sort of “gold standard”.

    Since you gotta eat SOMETHING while you’re avoiding everything, the shakes make it effortless. No meal planning or cooking. No choices and confusion about what is safe or unsafe. All confounding factors are factored out.

    They are not awful tasting, but not super delicious, kinda chalky. I think it helps to reset taste buds.

    Fat loss is rapid. Inflammation plummets. Blood sugar normalizes very quickly.

  3. Hmm doesnt look like you had an yeast infection. I think its good you check the fasting insulin. Blood sugars are usually all over the place. Hard to say whats working whats not. Still taking progesterone?

  4. Meme – Thanks for the tip on the Metagenics. It sounds ok, but I doubt it would be enough food for me, honestly. If it tastes at all sweet it will cause me to be hungry. I do know of foods I tolerate well, and I don’t mind sticking to them and building my diet around them, but the trick is to knowing when I don’t tolerate something. Most foods don’t cause obvious symptoms for me, but I’m not losing weight on even a very low carb diet so something’s causing a problem. If I was having obvious joint problems or stomach problems when i ate a certain food, sure I’d avoid it. That’s why I avoid nightshades, actually, because they make my muscles ache. Anyway, that’s for offering some ideas.

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