Break Over

  • Previous weight: 195.5
  • Current weight: 196.2
  • Difference: +0.7 lbs

Yesterday I ate a bunch of stuff that should be appropriate on a ketogenic diet – eggs, sauerkraut, some swiss cheese – most of which I have already determined is reactive for me via The Plan.  Only problem is I don’t really trust The Plan so I guess I needed to see for myself.  And indeed, my weight is climbing again after several days of reactive foods.  The two days before that I ate chocolate and saw a gain both days.  Yesterday I purposely ate no concentrated sources of carbohydrate (just vegetables) to eliminate the possibility that the glucose in the chocolate was causing a retention of water, and thus weight gain.  Still gained, even with no glucose.

Not just weight gain – I felt bad yesterday.  Bloated, tired, anxious.  I’m realizing that anxiety for me is very closely tied to what I’m eating.  I knew my depression was caused by food, but I’m determining that there’s another layer of anxiety here that I honestly thought was just my personality – turns out it’s not, and it’s caused by what I’m eating.

So The Plan is seeming more trustworthy now, but it’s amazing to me just how many foods make me gain.  If The Plan’s premise is true – that certain foods are reactive and cause inflammation, and our job is to figure out which ones – why am I so reactive to so many things?  What the hell is going on that I can only eat meat and leaves?  Ray Peat folks would say it’s low thyroid – but they say everything is low thyroid.  I have no other explanation, and I don’t particularly understand or like that one.

Back to meat and leaves today.

4 thoughts on “Break Over

  1. They got it backwards. re: Low Thyroid? High cortisol from inflammation…cortisol directly blocks 5′ deiodinase enzyme that converts T4 to T3 in the liver. Cortisol Releasing Hormone (CRH) (seen elevated in high cortisol production states) directly blocks TSH. T4 –> thyroid.

    Sounds more like you need an immunologist or allergist than a peat quack.

  2. Lanie, look at this site. I know I resonated with some of his stuff…he reminds me of you being willing to self hack with what you are doing. Some of this might be over the top but you have read plenty and will glean for your benefit. He has some fixes like Inositol to reduce lectin intolerance.
    RP talks about serotonin a lot too, and this relates to that.

  3. I think mood/depression/anxiety issues could partially be gut flora related too, even if there are no overt digestive signs. Seems like overfeeding certain microbes (I don’t know which ones) can trigger that for me.

  4. SWOT – thank you for that explanation! I’ll check out the link.
    Toni – Very interesting – thank you for the link!
    Meme – Agreed, me too. It would be great if someone could study this quick and get back to us.

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