The Plan – Day 17

It is really difficult to avoid eating a new (untested) food!  I don’t mean my willpower is failing – it’s just difficult to eat out and to eat at other people’s homes when there are so few things you can consume.  Yesterday I tried to have a friendly foods day again, but again was unsuccessful.  I accidentally consumed some red pepper flakes in a salad.  Peppers of any kind are nightshades – a known problem for me.  I have a patch of eczema that becomes inflamed whenever I eat them, so I’m pretty sure it’s a real intolerance.  As soon as I tasted that spice I knew I had ruined my day of friendly foods.

Weight today:

  • Yesterday’s weight: 193.8
  • Today’s weight: 194.0
  • Difference: +0.2 lbs.

So we’ll try again today.  I’ll be back to work so things will be more routine.

Fasting blood sugar was 95 again today.  Two days in a row in the 90s hasn’t happened since May of last year (2015).  If it happens again tomorrow it will 3 days in a row – which hasn’t happened in years.  I’m not sure what to attribute this to…the antifungals? The probiotics I’ve been taking since I started the antifungals?  The low-inflammatory diet?  It’s definitely not the low carb because I’ve been doing that for months now and it was actually trending up before I started the Plan and the yeast medication.  Weird.

2 thoughts on “The Plan – Day 17

  1. I just want to congratulate you and tell you I am in awe of your perseverance and personal strength. Not to metion your meticulous journalling. I have never seen such dedication. Thank you for sharing your road to wellness with us.

  2. Thanks, Leslie! That means a lot to me. I’m grateful to have this platform and a small group of people like you checking in. It would be much harder to do this on my own!

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