The Plan – Day 16

My plan was to do a friendly foods day yesterday, but then I drank a large iced coffee – no cream or sugar, just coffee.  I’m not sure why I thought that would be a good idea.  I was at a chocolate festival watching people make sculptures out of chocolate, and I guess it just seemed harmless in comparison.  Results:

  • Yesterday’s weight: 193.6
  • Today’s weight: 193.8
  • Difference: +0.2 lbs.

So I have not successfully determined that The Plan is actually doing what it says it is and is not just my interpretation of normal and random weight fluctuations.  I’ll try again today.

On coffee, from The Plan:

A cup of coffee in the morning can be very emotionally satisfying.  I do find, however, that any coffee not drunk as morning coffee can show up as weight gain, so it’s best for The Plan’s purposes to stick to a cup just in the morning.  Avoid decaf if you can and go for darker-roast coffee, like French Roast, which has less acid.

The coffee I had was about 20 oz with ice and was around noon (so not first thing in the morning).

So the plan today is to have a real friendly-foods day, not a fake one like yesterday.

Fasting blood sugar this morning was 94 – that’s the lowest it’s been in 6 months…and before that another 6 months.  Still constipated and considering stopping the Nystatin because I don’t think it’s worth it.  Interestingly, I was listening to Dave Asprey’s podcast with Sid Baker – a doctor who has spent his life treating children with autism – and Baker was talking about constipation that can result from yeast die off (around hour 1:05:00).  He says taking activated charcoal can provide relief from this die off. I’m pretty sure that activated charcoal would not be reactive for the purposes of The Plan, so maybe I’ll try that today.

2 thoughts on “The Plan – Day 16

  1. On eggs – could it be not the eggs but what the chickens are eating?

    Interesting on the coffee! Good job on being at a chocolate festival without eating chocolate, wow.

    Have you tried a squatty potty for constipation? I’ve heard good things but haven’t bought one yet.

  2. It could possibly be what the chickens are eating – these were eggs from pastured hens. I have heard of the squatty potty – the same position can be achieved by just putting feet up onto a short footstool. Unfortunately doesn’t make a difference in my case. Thanks for the ideas!

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