The Plan – Day 14

Added sauerkraut yesterday.  I was really hoping.

  • Yesterday’s weight: 193.8
  • Today’s weight: 194.2
  • Difference: +0.4 lbs.

This one bothers me.  I find myself in a state of denial over this, willing to discredit The Plan in order to make this not true.  I really wanted this one to be ok!

Ok, I’m over it.

So no sauerkraut.  Maybe I’ll try it again at some point.  For now, back to a friendly foods day.  Hell, maybe I’ll have a friendly foods weekend and lose a little more weight before trying anything else.

2 thoughts on “The Plan – Day 14

  1. Wow – great link, thank you. I really liked this part: “Conclusion: Use of starter cultures to ferment a vegetable mix prevents the extensive formation of biogenic amines. This means that if you’re sensitive to amines, you might still be able to enjoy fermented vegetables, sauerkraut or yogurt.”

    And also a link at the bottom of the page about adding probiotic bacteria to reduce amine production in sauerkraut.

    Very very cool!

    I notice some of the things on the high-amine list are things I’ve already found are not working for me (smoked meats, eggs, sauerkraut) so there definitely could be something to this. When I have high-amine sauerkraut I get allergy symptoms, so this is definitely a thing. It’s not the only thing, however, because it’s completely unrelated to the depression I get when I eat fiber. So maybe there are multiple intolerances going on. This could very well be a big piece of the puzzle though! Bookmarking this. Thanks again.

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