The Plan – Day 13

Had a “friendly foods” day yesterday.  Weights today:

  • Yesterday’s weight: 194.4
  • Today’s weight: 193.8
  • Difference: -0.6 lbs.

Awesome….recovered from the reactivity of eating several novel foods at once.

As I said yesterday I had jicama (for the first time, actually).  If you’ve never had it, it’s a must-try.  It’s got the texture of a crunchy apply, but only a very mild flavor – perfect for dipping into hummus or guacamole or something.  Unfortunately, I learned yesterday that – like apples – jicama brings up symptoms of depression for me.  Irritability, crying, disorganization, guilt…had all of that yesterday morning. Apples do the same thing to me because of the high fiber content.  So what did I learn besides that I can’t have jicama anymore?  I learned that my depression is not caused by yeast.  This is the first food I’ve eaten that triggers my depression since my yeast-kill phase…and it was as strong and obnoxious as ever.  The diflucan/nystatin might be helping in some way – but they’re not going to help me eliminate depression.  I think there’s a good chance I just won’t be able to eat fiberous or starchy foods.  This is less of a crisis though, now that my weight and blood sugar are responding favorably to The Plan.

I got some more well-aged (i.e. lower histamine) sauerkraut from my local farm – I think I’m going to test that today for reactivity.  I’d like to be eating it every day again to continue working on my gut health.

5 thoughts on “The Plan – Day 13

  1. I really think you should sort fibrous starchy foods 1 by 1. Including different types of legumes/lentils etc. I really think there may be differences in the proteins in them that are causing the low-grade inflammation you are experiencing. It’s going to be a pain to sort them all out, but at least you can hopefully find something you don’t react to.

  2. My wife recently commented I react to spelt too. She noticed how irritable, and snappy I became on it. It didn’t cause the terrible stomach pains like wheat, but I definitely feel better off of it. It seems the wheat proteins really set me off, wheras gluten, in general, causes low-grade inflammation in me. Back to oats, legumes/lentils, corn, and rice as a treat a few days a week (I have a weakness for umami flavored foods..especially asian.

  3. Don’t forget hypercortisolism –> pregnenolone steal syndrome and all its downstream effects including low libido.

  4. SWOT – I’m not opposed to that at all – I’m willing to try small amounts, which don’t seem to affect me for the entire day, only for part of the day. This process of trying my tolerance of foods is going to be ongoing for months. It’s entirely possible that the low libido is a preg-steal thing. When I was taking pregnenolone, dhea, and licorice root last year my libido came back – but then it went away again after I got poisoned by eating all those supplemental fibers. I haven’t seen it since. Maybe I’ll start taking that combination again.

  5. Well, the allergic reaction to the fibers would have brought the cortisol back stealing all the pregnenalone for making more cortsol. It also shuts down TSH and T4–>T3 conversion too.

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