The Plan – Day 12

Well, yesterday was a waste on The Plan.  Weights today:

  • Yesterday’s weight: 194.2
  • Today’s weight: 194.4
  • Difference: +0.2 lbs.

So I reacted to something yesterday.  I went to my pot-luck work luncheon and brought my own food to eat, but the circumstances were just too awkward for me to take it out – I felt social pressure to eat the shared food everyone else was eating.  There weren’t many friendly foods available so I ate things I thought might be safe: blueberries, jicama, hummus, and sweet potato.  One or more of those didn’t work for me (see gain on the scale, above), so now they’re all suspect and will have to be tested again at some point.  For now I’ll just consider it a wasted day and we’ll get back on track today with a Friendly Foods day.

Disappointing, but this sort of event is rare – usually I can do better controlling what I eat.

Blood sugar 99 again this morning though!  That’s pretty cool.  I think a graph is in order.


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