Yeast Free Day 30 / The Plan Day 11

I am finishing my course of Diflucan, prescribed for yeast a month ago, and will today be starting Nystatin for the next month.  I’m not sure if it’s making a difference for me.  Intuition tells me it is, but I have no actual evidence for that.  After this 30 day yeast-free period I can loosen up a little on the diet and try to introduce a little more variety.

Yesterday was a Friendly Foods day on my modified version of The Plan, by Lyn-Genet Recitas.  I had to take a day to recover from attempting to introduce eggs, which was not successful.  Here’s today’s weight:

  • Yesterday’s weight: 195.1
  • Today’s weight: 194.2
  • Difference: -1.1 lbs.

So I’ve again lost the 0.9 pounds gained when eating eggs, and I’m below baseline – I’d call that recovered.  Today I have to attend a lunch party at work, which is really challenging during an elimination diet. I might just have to bring my own lunch and just deal with the awkwardness.  I’m bringing oranges and grapes to share for the pot luck but oranges are 70% reactive (according to The Plan) and grapes didn’t make the list one way or another.  The Potential Reactivity of Foods list in the book is very useful, but not very comprehensive.

I’ll test something today – not sure what yet though.

Fasting blood sugar was 100 today.  Still constipated from taking Diflucan, so I hope that rights itself now that I’m done with it.  Still having hot flashes.  Still no sex drive.  Mood good.


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