Yeast Free Day 29 / The Plan Day 10

Yesterday I added eggs to my diet.  The results:

  • Yesterday’s weight: 194.4
  • Today’s weight: 195.1
  • Difference: +0.9 lbs.

Well that’s a shame.  What am I going to do with all that homemade mayonnaise I just made?  Eggs are off the menu.

The current standings:

  • Friendly foods: chicken, beef, unrefined coconut oil, butter, cooked vegetables (kale, carrots, onions, garlic, celery), fresh mozzarella cheese, dandelion tea, raw mixed greens, lemon juice
  • Reactive foods: ham, avocado, eggs

I didn’t realize it but I’ve been feeling much better over the past week – mood better, anxiety less, thinking clearly.  Yesterday I was having a hard time concentrating and my mood wasn’t as good – much more negative thinking.  Also, about 3-4 hours after breakfast (eggs) I had abdominal cramping and diarrhea, which is very usual for me.  And – my hunger was higher.  I needed to eat more to get through the day yesterday than in the days leading up to it.  Food intolerance symptoms.

So at this point I’ve determined that the things I was eating most days – ham, avocado, and eggs – are reactive for me and causing inflammation and weight gain.  How awesome it is to know that!

I’ll be having a friendly-foods day today to re-stabilize.

Another observation – My fasting blood sugar has been coming down over the past week.  Two weeks ago it was in the 130s and sometimes 140s  Now it’s under 110 – today it was 99.  I’ve been taking no supplements that would effect blood sugar – just prescription medications (diflucan for yeast and meds for hypertension). I stopped taking Metformin over a month ago.

6 thoughts on “Yeast Free Day 29 / The Plan Day 10

  1. food allergy –> +cortisol –>+gluconeogenesis and glucagon dumping sugar in blood for fight/flight response –> no run away from lion –> blood sugar stays too high for too long – > +insulin –> blocked leptin –>+hunger / -SNS activity/fidgeting / weight gain

    Metformin works by stopping the+gluconeogensis and liver dumping sugar.part. Which is why people tend to lose weight on it.

  2. I am happy for you that you have found something that seems to be very effective. Best of all, it is all about figuring out what works for YOU, and only you!

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