Yeast Free Day 22 / The Plan Day 3

Yesterday I tried to introduce ham to my diet.  Today the scale was up.

  • Yesterday’s weight: 197.8
  • Todays: weight: 198.2
  • Difference: +0.4 pounds.

The author of The Plan says that if the gain is less than half a pound it’s possible to introduce that food again at some point, perhaps on a rotation of once every 10 days or so.  For now though, it’s off the menu.

After having a reactive day The Plan recommends going back to a safe day – so I guess today I’ll be eating chicken and kale soup.

4 thoughts on “Yeast Free Day 22 / The Plan Day 3

  1. It’s too easy to shift that kind of water weight in a single day–this sounds hardly scientific unless you do daily DEXA scans to ascertain the effect a single food has over a single day. This author sounds like quack.

  2. Also, peripheral insulin resistance explains your high blood sugars on LCHF. Even with that, it takes 3-4 days of eating carbohydrate for blood sugars to come down after a LCHF stint.

  3. Yes, I have insulin resistance for sure. This time last year I was eating low carb and my blood sugars were lower – 100-110 typically, while now they’re 115-140 or so. Either IR has gotten worse or the supplements I was taking at the time were helping (e.g., alpha lipoic acid).

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