Yeast Free Day 21 / The Plan Day 2

So here’s how The Plan works.  It’s basically an elimination diet, where you eliminate everything except a few foods that you know are “safe” for you – things you know you tolerate and which never cause you problems.  Then each day you add 1 or 2 different foods and monitor their effect.  Specifically, the author recommends you use the scale to track this effect – an increase on the scale the next morning suggests the food eaten the previous day doesn’t work well with your chemistry and has resulted in fluid retention/inflammation. All of this is done while keeping the timing and quantity of fluid consumption constant each day.

The book offers a 3-day diet to start out, but I’ve rejected this for myself on the basis of too much fiber, which for whatever reason doesn’t work for me.  Also I’ve committed to 30 days of strict adherence to a yeast killing protocol, so the foods I’ll be choosing – at least in the beginning – will be consistent with that diet too.  The things I know for sure are ok for me to eat are meats – chicken and beef – and well-cooked greens. So that’s what I’m starting with.  I also ate some fresh mozzarella cheese yesterday (the yeast free plan says cheese is ok if it’s not aged/hard).  I really shouldn’t have started with cheese for The Plan because I’m not sure it’s “safe” but I got hungry and didn’t plan very well.  I figured I’d just start The Plan over if it didn’t go well.  Turned out ok though:

  • Starting weight: 198.6 lbs.
  • Eaten on Day 1: baked skinless chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, homemade kale soup made with veggies, beef, beef broth, chicken broth
  • Current weight: 197.8 lbs.
  • Difference: -0.8 lbs.

Since a loss showed up on the scale it can be assumed that the items consumed yesterday are “safe” for me, and I can now consume those every day while adding one new thing a day.

The Plan book outlines the foods that are most and least likely to be reactive for people.  I’ll use the least reactive foods to start, and work toward the ones more likely to cause problems.  I should mention I am not doing this the way the author says it should be done.  She recommends a 3-day detox period including lots of leaves, seeds, and carrots.  I tried this before, and was unable to stick to it.  I didn’t find the recipes palatable or easy to follow (most spices were “to taste” instead of actual measurements).  So I’m doing something that is clearly inspired by The Plan, but honestly it’s not exactly The Plan.  I say this so people who read this will know not to follow my version – get the book and either follow the recommendations there or create a version that works well for you.

2 thoughts on “Yeast Free Day 21 / The Plan Day 2

  1. In my experience, it can often take 36 to 48 hours to react to a food I have eaten. It might be a little boring, but it may be more useful if you eat the same foods for 48 hours before adding in other foods?

  2. I have had that experience too, Cathy – especially with fibers causing depression. It often takes a couple days. The Plan says that the scale will be up the day after eating foods that you are sensitive to, so perhaps it could be an earlier indicator of problems. Apparently the author has worked with people clinically as a nutritionist using these methods with success.

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