Yeast Free – Day 18

I’m really struggling with this diet.  I have been trying to stick to a yeast-free diet while taking Diflucan and Nystatin to kill yeast, and have been successful in doing so, but I’m white-knuckling it at this point. To review, my current diet is free of all grains and starches, sugar, dairy, nightshades, and yeast (including vinegar and anything made in or with vinegar).  There are only 2 flavors in my current diet – salty and bland.  I’m putting salt on everything just to give it some kind of flavor but I’m really kind of tired of it.  I’ve never been tired of salt before.  My diet has been consisting of eggs, coconut/MCT oil, broths/soups, meat and green vegetables.  This used to be fine, but the no-nightshades and no-vinegar really makes things bland and the cravings are powerful right now.

So I’m going back to the drawing board and reviewing the Yeast/Candida information sheet my doc gave me.  Maybe there’s something I’m missing.  Regarding diet, it says the following:

You must eliminate all yeast-containing foods from the diet.  This includes: bread, rolls, raised pastries, pizza dough, alcoholic beverages, all cheeses, vinegar and things that contain vinegar, mushrooms, soy sauce and some B vitamin pills.  You may have to restrict foods that are high in carbohydrates and refined sugars (including honey) that encourage the growth of yeast in the intestinal tract.  The diet should consist mainly of protein foods (including meats, fish and seafood, skim milk, nuts, and eggs) and vegetables…especially the green leafy vegetables, lettuce, spinach, chard, turnip greens, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage are good.

Hm…yes, I’m doing all that.   Well, I guess I’m not eating turnips and cauliflower.  Or asparagus.  But I’m doing the rest.

Then there’s another page titled “Yeast-Free Refined Sugar-Free Diet”.  Guidelines are as follows:

  1.  Avoid all food with added sugar of any kind.

  2. Do not use the food if it says: sugar, evaporated cane juice, sugar cane juice, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, corn syrup, corn sweetener, corn syrup solids, or sugar alcohols.  Do not use honey, syrups, molasses, or agave nectar, or splenda.

  3. Do not use any foods or beverages that have been fermented, use bacterial cultures to produce or a fermented ingredient (i.e. vinegars, alcoholic beverages, aged cheese, pickles)

  4. Do not eat or drink any food or beverages with yeast in the ingredient list.

  5. Do not eat mushrooms.

Foods Included:

MILK: whole milk 1%, 2%, and skim, sour cream, plain yogurt. (Avoid: yogurt with fruit added, malted milk products, and ice cream made with sugar or corn syrup added and all other cheeses.)

CHEESE: Cream cheese, cottage cheese, and ricotta cheese are ok.

MEAT, FISH, AND POULTRY: All fresh meats are allowed.  Broiled, baked, stewed or fried are fine.  Beans are acceptable.  Avoid anything breaded in bread or cracker crumbs.

EGG: As desired.

BREADS: Quick breads made without yeast or sugar, rice cakes, muffins, biscuits.  Yeast free sugar free breads are often found in the freezer section of the health food store.  Avoid: Yeast breads of all kinds, raised pastries, buns, cookies, crackers made with yeast, canned refrigerated biscuits, pastries with sugar added, cakes, cake mixes and pretzels.

CEREALS: Whole grain and high fiber cereals are fine.  Stay away from cereals that have added sugar or corn syrup.

VEGETABLES: all vegetables are allowed.  Fresh sweet potatoes, fresh/frozen/canned are ok if no sugar has been added.  Avoid: Sauerkraut or any vegetable prepared with cultures or vinegar.  Also avoid mushrooms.

FRUITS: All fresh, frozen, or fruits canned in juice.  no banana.  Fresh squeezed citrus fruit is ok.  You may have up to 2 fruit servings a day.  Avoid fruits canned with sugar or syrup.  no frozen or canned citrus fruits.

FATS and OILS: Butter, margarine or oils are fine.  Avoid commercial salad dressing including mayonnaise with added sugars.

DESSERTS: recipes sweetened with stevia or 100% fruit juices are fine. Xylitol is also fine to use on this plan.  Anything sweetened with Nutrasweet, aspartame or  Sweet-n-Low is acceptable for this diet but is not recommended in general.  Avoid: Any dessert made with sugar, honey, corn syrup, HFCS, fructose, dextrose, or glucose, etc.

BEVERAGES: coffee, regular or decaf, no sugar added fruit juices (counts towards your 2 fruit servings a day), water and tea.  Avoid all fermented beverages and citrus juice from concentrate.

SPICES/CONDIMENTS:  all herbs and spices are ok, though many seasoning mixes contain sugar and yeast.  Most condiments and sauces contain sugar and/or vinegar.  AVOID: ketchup mustard, chili sauce, olives, pickles, horse radish, BBQ sauce, sweet and sour sauce, some tomato sauces, mincemeat, soy sauce, and salad dressings.  Also avoid vitamin B pills (Schiff and Nature’s Made are yeast-free).

SNACKS: popcorn – plain with salt, plain chips, plain tortilla chips, plain corn chips, unsweetened salsa, hummus, or any other sugar free dips, fruits, vegetables.

Huh…Well I guess the yeast-free diet says I can have beans, potato chips, popcorn, hummus, milk, non-aged soft cheese, rice cakes, cereal, fruit, stevia/xylitol.  Some of this (beans, potato chips, rice cakes, cereal or hummus) is likely to cause depression in me, which makes me think there is more than just yeast causing problems in my gut.  It’s so aversive I’m not excited to try that right now.  Milk and cheese I’ve been trying to avoid because people have told me I’ll feel better without dairy.  So far, not feeling great anyway and cravings are kicking my ass so maybe it’s time to add dairy in again.  I could have up to 2 servings of fruit, though I’m not sure why that’s ok when other sweeteners (e.g., honey) which are also monosaccharides are not ok, so I’ve just been avoiding everything sweet to be safe.

So ok…maybe back to adding some dairy.  And if I get bold maybe I’ll try something with fiber from this list and see if I can tolerate it.

4 thoughts on “Yeast Free – Day 18

  1. Fascinating post! Thanks. But it makes me nervous about using nutritional yeast on my popcorn instead of salt. This recent video by Dr. Jason Fung MD might be of interest in your pilgrimage: He has lots of interesting, informative videos on Utube.

  2. “My diet has been consisting of eggs, coconut/MCT oil, broths/soups, meat and green vegetables.” hmm that sounds pretty good actually. Just needs honey/OJ for carbs. Peatworld is pretty bland too. As long as there are physical and lab improvements it may be worth the hassle I guess.

  3. Thanks John. Not everyone has problems with yeast – I think the fact that I have allergies to mold is what tipped my doc off to suspect yeast. Thanks for the link – I’ll check it out.

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