Sugar Good, Starch Bad

Mood is better now since I’ve stopped eating resistant starch again.  I’ve been experimenting with my diet lately – not so much for the sake of long-term health, but rather because I want to know what I can and cannot eat and still keep my mood intact. Also I’m just tired of eating well and feeling like crap anyway so the last few days I’ve varied my diet a bit to see what happens.  I seem to feel fine eating sugar.  I seem to not feel fine eating resistant starch.  Plain rice and white bread, fine.  Cooked and cooled rice – not fine.  Am I advocating sugar and white bread for overall health and wellbeing?  Not necessarily, but for me I don’t see a change in mood eating these things.  I guess they don’t feed whatever killjoy is living in my gut causing me problems.

My blood sugar has stayed low even though I’ve eaten carbs and dairy all week….however my weight is up a few pounds.  Water retention, maybe?  Don’t know.

I’ve started taking VSL3 probiotic, which has over 100 billion CFU per capsule.  I think I’ll just take one a day for a while and see how it goes.

Continuing to take turmeric paste – either mixed into food or just washed down like a supplement, 2-3 times per day.  Hot flashes are still gone.  I’m cutting my dose of black cohosh in half this week to see if they stay gone.  I still don’t know exactly what made them go away, so I’ll taper off the things I added and see at what point they resurface. Otherwise I’m continuing on with my supplement regimen from Nourish Balance Thrive, minus the antimicrobials.

7 thoughts on “Sugar Good, Starch Bad

  1. Use well cooked variety of vegetables. Add the progesterone back in. I am pretty sure it helps with the gut. Consider stopping all supplements for a few days that are not in liquid form like vitE or A. I find that they all have something that irritates the intestines somehow. For basic supplements use Haiduts preparations. they are liquid and you could use them safely.

  2. Well we already know about the ingredients. Its in a form that can be absorbed through skin or mucous membranes sparing the intestines. I really do feel better ditching the more than a dozen pills and whatevers in them. A touch of progesterone is helpful.

  3. We know about the ingredients, but – for example – why does Haidut recommend only using his vitamin A product topically (as opposed to orally)? Yes, it’s retinyl palmitate – same as Nutrisorb A – but topically only? I appreciate that he’s making these but that’s enough to make me question some of the others too.

  4. I dont know the details but he would probably need FDA or some such clearance to market them for internal consumption. How you use it is up to you.

  5. Sure, that’s a possibility. I don’t know a thing about manufacturing supplements, but it seems safer to me to stick with bigger names at the moment.

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