A quickie today:

  1.  Something is helping with the hot flashes.  They’re less severe and less frequent.  Maybe the black cohosh?  I stopped taking the progesterone after a few days.  I’ll continue with the black cohosh for now and if they come back I’ll know it was the progesterone that helped.
  2. I’m able to digest things a little better – my mood suffered a little when I ate something with fiber in it but I can eat rice or sugar now without bloating or mood problems.  I choose not to, however, because it actually doesn’t help me to feel full and it destabilizes my blood sugar.
  3. Weight is stable.  I’m having trouble sticking to a very low carb diet right now, so I’m just going with it and eating more carbs when I feel the need to do so.  Gut first, then other health, then vanity.

Sorry my blog has become so dull.  Healing is boring.

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