Turns out there’s this whole turmeric movement on social media. I joined the Turmeric User Group on Facebook and was introduced to a world of inflammation-lowering, skin-tag-disappearing, blood-sugar-reducing, arthritis-healing people who take Turmeric numerous times per day.  So I’ve joined the cult.

They recommend a special mixture of Turmeric, fresh ground pepper, and coconut oil to enhance absorption, called “Golden Paste” (GP) – recipe here.  I guess this recipe was developed by a veterinarian so lots of people are giving this to their pets and livestock for various reasons.  I just skip through all the dog posts. I feel really good the last couple of days.  Maybe the turmeric is doing something.  I’ve been taking 1/4 teaspoon of the GP 3x per day.  I mix it in with eggs, salad dressings, pretty much every meal tastes like turmeric. You could take it as a supplement but that’s not terribly palatable, and I actually love the taste of turmeric in food.

Thanks to a comment by Kim I’ve also started taking Black Cohosh, in an attempt to quell my extremely obnoxious hot flashes.  I had a long conversation with someone yesterday during which I had two hot flashes.  Not once, but twice did I break out in a sweat and try to be all nonchalant about it like, “Yeah, don’t mind me…I’m just wiping perspiration off of my face at an alarming rate for no reason – twice – while you sit there looking beautiful.   Nothing to see here…”.  I’ve decided to just get over the social awkwardness of it and just tell people I’m having hot flashes when that happens.  People then tell me their weird health problems to make me feel better, which I find endearing.  We bond over our failing health.

So geez I’m on like 6000 supplements right now.  I should probably reconsider some of them.  I have been exercising SOME restraint…I haven’t started the Berberine (and I might not), and I put the Restore on hold for now – mostly because I want to see what happens with the turmeric.  I seem to be tolerating the Primal Defense probiotic just fine (maybe because I’m killing it off with my continued use of antimicrobials), but I’m continuing that and will increase the dose after a few days.

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