Free Floating

I really don’t know what to do from here.

I have been trying to eat a wider variety of foods, but anything with fiber makes me cry 2 days later.  I ate literally a bite of an apple, two days in a row, thinking maybe I could build up gradually using real food instead of supplemental fibers.  Nope.  More crying at work.  I guess I just don’t get to eat apples.  I seem to do ok following a low FODMAP diet, though there are a lot of things I’m scared to try like rice, corn, white bread…I’m pretty sure those wouldn’t go over well…oh and potatoes?  No.  I guess I don’t do ok following a low FODMAP diet after all.  If my labs were improving or if I was losing weight or if I wasn’t on a perpetual course of antibiotic herbs I wouldn’t mind having a diet restricted to meat, fat, eggs, and a few vegetables.  However, things don’t seem to be getting better.

10 thoughts on “Free Floating

  1. It seems like you are the poster child for Ray Peat. Fiber = endotoxin = serotonin = depression, irritability .

    Improving my thyroid function helped a lot with improving my gut motility and ability to tolerate fiber but even now, if I try to eat it on a daily basis, I am in trouble.

  2. I agree about the poster child part. Now how to fix it…. I ate Peaty for a year and lots of things got much worse. I became diabetic, my triglycerides were in the 500s, my liver enzymes shot up, and I was bloating after every meal. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful but it wasn’t for me. I’ve tried taking thyroid and couldn’t tolerate it – my pulse was racing and I felt terrible every day. I’m broken.

  3. Improving thyroid function is what fixed it for me. Have you tried different brands of thyroid and taking really teeny amounts?

  4. I tried Cynomel and Cynoplus. I’m not convinced I have a thyroid problem so I’m not really motivated to continue looking. Gut motility is fine for me. My problem is endotoxin.

  5. I just go by pulse and temperature. Are yours in the normal range or don’t you check?

  6. I checked for a year and they were in the normal range. My health was failing though so I concluded that didn’t mean much.

  7. Have to agree about the poster child comment. Nothing in Pearland has helped me lower endotoxin or serotonin. But the rest of the plan keeps me functional. ATM the gut seems like a mysterious black hole. Hang in there. Lowering iron is one of the Peat pillars. Freetheanimal had a couple of posts recently on iron. It doesn’t do anything for serotonin though. Donating blood is an easy way if you can do that.

  8. I have no reason to believe I’m high in iron. I’ve been anemic at several points in my life. If I had unlimited funds I’d get an iron panel done but it’s not high on my list at the moment.

  9. “The balance between what a tissue needs and what it gets will govern the way that tissue functions, in both the short term and the long term. When a cell emits lactic acid and free radicals and the products of lipid peroxidation, it’s reasonable to assume that it isn’t getting everything that it needs, such as oxygen and glucose. With time, the cell will either die or adapt in some way to its deprived conditions.

    In aging, tissues generally atrophy, with loss of both substance and activity. Ordinarily, organisms react to stress with increased activity of the appropriate functional system, but when the stress is inescapable, organisms adopt the strategy of decreasing their demands, as in hibernation or the defensive inhibition that has been called parabiosis, the state of being “not fully alive.” In many situations, serotonin (which is closely associated with estrogen) seems to be an important inducer of this state. There are many indications that estrogen is a factor [e.g., Shvareva & Nevretdinova, 1989, Saltzman, et al., 1989] in functionally suppressed states such as hibernation, social subordination, learned helplessness and depression. Social subordination in animals often involves high estrogen and reduced fertility.”

    As you may have guessed the above quote is from Ray Peat….I still say you have waaaay too much estrogen. My own personal experience (being morbidly obese for decades) is that too much body fat makes me estrogenic real quick, 15 pounds over my ideal weight will trigger OBVIOUS symptoms. I’ve learned over this last year of maintaining my fat loss that I can cope carrying ten pounds of excess, but adding that extra five always puts me in a bad place…the more fat I add the worse the estrogen gets. I’m 49 now, so perhaps I’m nearing menopause and that is contributing or making me extra sensitive??? I would love to get to a permanent lower weight set-point so I have more wiggle room so to speak, but I don’t know how to get there without starvation or massive amounts of exercise (neither sound appealing).

    It’s like walking a tight-rope for me, I must keep my guts happy (not irritated) or else I will begin to gain weight and mental/emotional stability will go out the window. Yet, I need to eat enough nutrition to keep my body temps up and metabolism running smoothly without triggering irritation (plus I wanna have FUN). I think I still have gut dysbiosis and it doesn’t help that I have a tendency to get to a place where I’m feeling really good and then over-indulge and trigger a setback….I’m a hyper-sensitive perimenopausal seesaw, back and forth. Loads of FUN! :-/

    Do you take vitamin E? I have found that 1000 iu daily helps greatly with estrogen.

  10. Hm…well, not a bad theory, but I have pretty clear symptoms of high estrogen – sore breasts and tearyness, and rage when it’s really high. I just don’t have any of those right now, and haven’t for months. Also, all lab tests – saliva and blood – indicate extremely low estrogen. Like, post-menopausal levels or even lower. I know estrogen lives in fat cells, and when I was losing weight I would sometimes get teary for no reason, which I attribute to higher estrogen due to fat breakdown. I’m having neither the tearyness nor the weightloss right now. I haven’t been taking E since I stopped taking progest-E. I wouldn’t mind starting again, but I’m not sure if it makes sense.

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