Wanna see my latest labs?  Here you go…the current set is in RED on the far right.  (Click to enlarge.)





Liver enzymes are down again.  Most other things are the same or worse. Considering a change.

10 thoughts on “Labs

  1. co2 up a bit. you could get the LDL down with a little thyroid. Fasting insulin would be useful.

  2. Cost? I just got a fairly inexpensive ($100) package of tests from directlabs that were bundled together and would give me an idea of whether or not things were improving metabolically. What would ferritin or iron saturation tell me?

  3. It’s something to get at least once in your lifetime to rule things out!

    Excess iron stores cause diabetes. If your ferritin is more than 100, you should try getting it down to below 100. Ferritin alone though is not as reliable because it can be affected by things like inflammation, but combined with iron saturation is reliable.

  4. Can you provide a resource for me to read more about this? It’s interested and I’m tempted to spend the money to get these labs done, but I want to know what I’m looking for.

  5. I enjoyed reading several of your articles about things I’ve been researching, especially resistant starch. Thanks.

    Your labs look best from 2/2012, which might bring you back to center from all this frustration of trying everything. The only thing then was elevated LDL and a couple things on the edge like blood glucose. I get it; I’ve done a lot of trying to learn how to adjust hormonal levels, triglycerides, bad cholesterol, hypertension, etc. In the end, for me it comes down to not eating the refined crap, sticking with vegetables and meats, no breads, pasta or sugars, and little or no alcohol. Cheeses and milk products fine so long as there’s some red wine or blueberry juice (resveratrol, tannins) to offset the detrimental fats. Some vinegar (apple cider vinegar, pickles) and garlic help too. Maybe time to remember what you were eating 4 years ago and try a different statin?

  6. Hm…well, in 2012 I was eating low carb/paleo – same as I am now. I was also having significant problems with mood swings, fatigue, and depression. My journey has been an effort to resolve those things. The mood swings resolved on their own as I’ve basically all but gone into menopause – I’m pretty sure they were estrogen related, and now they’re gone. The fatigue and depression I’ve dealt with much of my life and just in the last year I’ve learned they’re related to what I eat, which led me down the path of trying to manage my gut health. I won’t be trying a different statin, given that I see no point in taking statins – they simply treat a symptom. I’d rather find and fix the problem. But thank you for your comment. Sorry I just tore it apart. 🙂

  7. You should read “A pathway to recovery by Amy Yasko”. I think you have a CBS mutation.

  8. Interesting, Jhanne. I wonder what about me makes you say that. I’m heterozygous for 2 CBS mutations, actually. Not sure how relevant that is…maybe a lot.

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