Didn’t See That Coming

My SIBO test was negative.  No SIBO.

Check it out (click to enlarge):


And here is the summary at the end:


No SIBO.  Change of plans, pending further research.

7 thoughts on “Didn’t See That Coming

  1. I think a pathogenic bacteria in the large intestine could also cause those things with lactulose. Lactulose is used for this test because it’s not normally broken down in the small intestine, and therefore if it is that suggests SIBO. When it makes it to the large intestine, nasty dudes there could consume it and disable me. I think a false negative is unlikely.


  2. Curious, I just stumbled on your blog, but are you doing anything to treat your Hashimoto’s/thyroid? My lipids were sky high (255) at age 19, in spite of being athletic and thin. I suspected a thyroid issue back then because of my fatigue, heart palps and tachycardia (and a bunch of other ailments). Lipids returned to normal when I was finally diagnosed after my second child, and start natural desiccated thyroid meds.

  3. Oops, I apologize, I glanced and thought your TPO’s were in the 100’s: however, thyroid levels are not optimal. You can still have hashi’s with negative antibody numbers, but hypothyroidism will cause the same issues, including elevated lipids and glucose issues, plus hypertension. I’m so sorry you are struggling :(.

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