Cooling Off

Breath test is done and is waiting to be shipped off on Monday. The test itself went as expected – the lactulose solution caused bloating, diarrhea, headache and fatigue, but as planned I hit the activated charcoal and oil of oregano afterward to decrease the reaction. Those things helped. I didn’t get much sleep last night but that could be because of my kid, who’s sick.

I wanted to get a SIBO test done for several reasons – with the test I can find out if I actually have SIBO or if there’s some other problem causing all this distress. No more guessing. Secondly, I can find out which kind of bacteria it is (methane producing or hydrogen producing) that is the problem, and knowing that dictates treatment. My coaches from NBT are still involved and are helping me every step of the way. Objectively speaking, things are great. I’m learning and I have help from many directions.

I feel like I’m back to baseline today. Stable. Not getting divorced, not yelling at anybody. Also not swinging from the chandelier.

Blood sugar up to 136 this morning. Not stable.

My weight throughout this whole thing has been really interesting to me. Here’s a timeline I find interesting:

• 2/7/15 – Started following the supplement plan recommended by NBT
• 2/23/15 – Eliminated starches and sugars
• 3/2/15 – Quit dairy.
• 3/10/15 – Started losing weight.

I went on to lose 15 pounds over the next 6 weeks.

Then on 4/24/15 I wrote,

I’m eating meat, vegetables, eggs, and saturated fats (coconut oil and animal fat, and some ghee) and drinking water. That’s it.

It’s been 8 weeks since then and my diet has varied very little from that. I have continued to eat enough to not be hungry but never to feel full, and the type and quality of my food has stayed about the same. But since adding prebiotic fiber supplements about 8 weeks ago I’ve lost only 3 more pounds. I stopped the fiber supplements after only 5 days but the damage had already been done – the SIBO (I think) had returned.

But isn’t it interesting that my weight loss stopped when my basic diet didn’t change? It appears it’s not the lack of carbs, the lack of dairy, or the supplements I’ve continued to take that caused the weight loss in the first place, because I’m still doing all of those things and I’m not losing anymore.

Hm….Maybe it’s the supplements I’m no longer taking – the antimicrobials – that were causing the weight change.

I took antimicrobial herbs for the first 2 months, which is pretty standard for clearing up pathogenic bacteria. This is what was recommended for me by NBT, and what Allison Siebecker recommends for her SIBO patients who choose to use herbal antibiotics.

In my estimation at this point, it seems weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight is caused by inflammation. Inflammation can have multiple causes. For me, it seems to be gut dysbiosis. There is no one answer to the question of how to lose weight. The question needs to change – it should be “how can I get healthier?” I was probably getting healthier by killing off the pathogen(s) in my gut and my body responded by releasing excess body fat. When I added the fibers that stopped.

Take THAT all you calories in/calories out goofballs. And all you food-reward fat shamers too.  Stop pretending people are all the same and that one intervention – eating less – is the answer.  It’s not.

11 thoughts on “Cooling Off

  1. We all have friends that can lose weight by cutting calories and exercising. Also they don’t seem to want to jump off the cliff when they have starches.Oh well. We can only play the hand we are dealt with. Some day we will have better answers.

    “I’m eating meat, vegetables, eggs, and saturated fats (coconut oil and animal fat, and some ghee) and drinking water. That’s it.”

    Skip the vegetables/fruits and add some clear juice or honey for two weeks and see if that helps.

  2. Reduce endotoxin. The less to ferment the less they can give you trouble.

  3. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and raypeatforum too. And when I see endotoxin topic it is always about starch and fermentable fiber. But what about protein? From what I read and from self experimenting when someone has weak digestion, low stomach acid, or has any other problems with digesting protein it leads to endotoxin and inflammation. For instance I can bloat after protein. And it is probably much worse than fermenting carbohydrates. Am i missing something? Why noone talks about protein+endotoxin?

  4. I think some people have low stomach acid and don’t digest protein well – I just don’t think I’m one of them, so my research hasn’t taken me down that road. Currently – like, in the last few days – bloating has been occurring all the time for me, but typically protein (meat, eggs) are pretty safe foods for me.

  5. Amino acids I would say no because thats what they use in the elemental diet formula. Proteins its unlikely.

  6. Metabolism slows down and plateaus after about 2 to 3 months if you eat constantly even slightly under your caloric needs. It’s a natural adaptation to the danger of starvation, well-documented in healthy people. You need to shift things up a bit to re-start the process (carb-loading, fasting, etc – there is no single best protocol). However, if you re-balance the gut-flora and heal your gut lining (the source of all the problems), so a lot more carbs and fat are being metabolized and processed by the good bacteria, this would also promote a healthy body re-composition.

    Here is something I’ve been on to recently, probably one of the final pieces of the puzzle for me:

  7. I disagree about your common-sense assessment on the topic of weight loss. It’s not just calories-in/calories-out and the body restabilizing at a lowered metabolic rate. At least, for ME it isn’t.

    Regarding the study, what part is important to you? The part about inulin improving insulin sensitivity?

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