Holy hell…every day kind of sucks now.  The all-meat-and-egg diet isn’t even saving me.  I’m being poisoned by bacterial endotoxin.  I ordered a SIBO test to find out for sure what I’m dealing with.  I haven’t kept up with the garlic because I’ve become cognitively disorganized and I can’t seem to remember to crush garlic, soak it in water, come back 15 minute later, and drink it.  I’m crying all the time.  I learned something about myself today.  I learned that I have really good social skills until I’m under stress, and then my ability to not piss people off completely vanishes.  I still have some oregano oil.  I guess I could take that.  Fuck this.

2 thoughts on “SIBO-tastic

  1. Hey, exactly how are you trying to improve your digestion on a zero carb diet? You need glucose to produce mucus, without it your gut becomes incredibly permeable. If you have an infection all that protein is very bad idea. Why don’t you start adding in some cooked starches like potatoes/sweet potatoes with butter and other fats, and cut back protein to max 30-50 g a day. Also stop eating all the garlic and other antibacterial veg, as you are likely killing your good bacteria too at this point. Regards.

  2. I’m not trying to improve my digestion with a zero carb diet. I’m trying to get through the day with a zero carb diet. All I want to do at this point is get through a work day without crying, yelling at someone, needing a nap, or wanting to get in my car and drive far far away. I’m just trying to avoid the toxic crap that comes from eating anything even remotely difficult to digest. As I’ve said on here I realize this isn’t a long term solution. I’m trying to support my family and be a mom without completely breaking down.

    Starches are about the worst possible thing I can eat, and 100% of the time result in the above symptoms. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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