Ridiculous Observations

A series of observations:

  • Eating anything other than meat, eggs, and fat seems to make me feel like crud. So I’m going to eat only those things for a while.  Some call this “zero carb.”  I call it needing to get through my day without having to lie down for long periods of time.
  • Sauerkraut plus probiotics sounds like an awesome idea in theory, but it causes problems for me that are hard to diagnose.  Either the headache, irritability, stomach cramps, bloating, and ridiculous fatigue are the result or die off (yay, the good guys are winning!) or something I ate has fed The Beast and The Beast has gained even more ground.  (I guess I should explain that I’ve named this ridiculously hardy fucker of a bacteria that is causing me unending distress, “The Beast”.)
  • I have to fit into a dress this week.  I’ve owned 3 dresses in the last 30 years.  My prom dress, my wedding dress, and this ridiculous dress I have to wear as part of a Mommy and Me dance recital I’m involved in with my daughter.  It’s not like dance recitals when I was a kid – you know, we all go to the dance school, and put on a show for the parents and then go home.  No, this is 4-night affair (dress rehearsal and three performances) and tickets that actually cost money.  I have such a dumb body – it’s 3 or 4 different sizes, depending on where you measure.  I had to get it custom fit.  It still looks bad.  I was hoping to lose a few more pounds before I had to wear it but instead I’ve gained a couple in the last week.  My weight has been stuck since I introduced bacteria-food into my world.  The Beast is in there having a picnic and I can’t zip my dress.  Hopefully eating nothing inflammatory between now and Wednesday I’ll be able to get into it.
  • I’m downing allicin from fresh crushed organic garlic 3x a day.  Back in the days of the Great Garlic Experiment garlic killed The Beast, or at least knocked it down a peg or two.  It’s cheap and I’m using it.  I basically just soak the crushed garlic in water and drink the water but don’t eat the actual garlic, which contains inulin.  The water tastes like garlic so it’s certainly got some of the allicin in it that companies charge a stupid amount of money for.
  • Also taking activated charcoal today.  I’m hurting.
  • I’ve started snapping at my kid again.  Bad health = bad mom.
  • I don’t have the energy to study, research, to lift weights, or really do anything optional right now.
  • My problems are small.  I have one friend who just lost her mom, another friend who is losing her wife to cancer, and another friend whose foster child just got taken from her to be placed with a sibling.  These are real problems.  I just have annoying gut bacteria.
  • Still, I’d like to feel better.

8 thoughts on “Ridiculous Observations

  1. Yes, I agree. I’ve had my suspicions about SIBO for a while now. I’ve researched it and written about it on here quite a bit (you can use the search function on the top if you’re interested) but testing has not specifically pointed me in that direction. I haven’t had a SIBO test though – I may do that. I’m not sure doing so would change how I’m trying to treat it though.

  2. The 80% cure rate should convince you its not the sugar. Trying to steer you away from zero carb and the black hole that it leads to. Wish Peat was right about the carrot salad. It just doesnt seem to work. But the rest of the stuff is sound.

  3. By 80% cure rate I think you mean the rate of people cured of Type II diabetes when they have gastric bypass surgery. Yes, I agree, it’s not the sugar. Still, NOT eating sugar brought my blood glucose down to where it’s not causing organ damage. I walked around for a year with untreated high blood sugar. I can’t just continue to do that. As I’ve mentioned before, I know eating carbs is better for the metabolism and thyroid health, but I felt terrible eating them – non functional, unable to function, blood sugar swings all over the place, ravenous hunger all day long, inability to go more than an hour or two without eating, weight gain (which led to even higher blood pressure), triglycerides in the 500s, PLUS organ-damaging high blood sugar. I had to manage the symptoms while I figure out what the cause is. I really do hear you. I just don’t know what else to do right now. I’m obviously trying lots of things and failing repeatedly. Eating sugar is not the answer right now. Eating zero carb is just a way to stop the suffering for now and get into a dress. I really do just need to get through the next week!

  4. SIBO cure here. Compared to rifaximin. I am guessing they did breath tests. Temporarily at least as it can recur. Seems to me whatever the primary reason is needs to be fixed. I am not sure if thats a motility issue or something bad happened to the mucosal layer itself. Hope fully one day we have better answers.

  5. Sometimes you just have to do what feels healthy to your body. Sugar or honey has never made me feel good even in small amounts. Good thing about zero carb is that you won’t have any SIBO symptoms after awhile. You’ll starve the bad guys. I hope you get some relief and that you fit into your dress! I know how that goes as I was maid of honor in a wedding about four years ago which happened to coincide with my highest weight and worst health. The stupid dress was custom but I didn’t like it on me. things are changing now but they’re still slow. Thank goodness this is the easiest WOE I’ve ever been on! The 60 days just flew by.

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