Well I still have a fucked up gut. I’m having trouble tolerating even mushrooms now, which seemed to be a safe food for me.  Since my last post I’ve gotten some advice from around the web.  My NBT coach Amelia suggests following the GAPS diet for a while. A suggestion from the Ray Peat Facebook group was to eat more gelatin, but I really hate the taste of that Great Lakes stuff – I chucked it into the garbage after my last attempt to eat it.   Another friend suggested I bombard my gut with probiotics – in the neighborhood of 200 billion at a time.  This came from someone who fixed a similar problem in himself, unable to eat carbs at all without reacting negatively.  He suggested taking them with Makuna Honey.  I’m still questioning that part of it though – isn’t honey antibacterial?

Anyway, I decided to take a little advice from everywhere.  I’ve got a pot of bone broth in fridge and I’m eating it whenever I remember. I’m eating fermented foods and taking Gut Pro probiotic, which contains no inulin or other prebiotics.  For some reason the sauerkraut doesn’t seem to make things worse even though it obviously feeds some strains of bacteria.  I guess it doesn’t feed my nemesis.  I’m going to ramp up the probiotics for a while and avoid eating things that may be damaging to the gut.  Hopefully over time things will improve.

12 thoughts on “Advice

  1. Dear Lanie
    I read somewhere on a Ray Peat site that probiotics produce lactic acid according to Ray. Also fermented food does the same. Twenty years ago I was eating fermented vegetables and Ray talked to me about them I don’t remember what all he said I just remember how great I felt once I quit.

    Also I try to listen to my intuition, my gut. 🙂 when I can. Sometimes I get lost stressed out low blood sugar and I can’t seem to thinks way out of a paper bag , but I know I am loved by The Divine for no reason at all and I just pause and take a breath and say that out loud a few times to myself and then I ask “what is the most self loving thing I can eat or do for myself right now?” Then I act on it, moving forward and it changes my direction.

    Don’t know if this will help but just want to remind you of how great you have been doing and to be gentle with yourself. Will send you much love for finding the answers you need.


  2. Sry I dont have a fix for you. Hang in there. I dont mind the gelatin taste but it hasnt worked for me. Trust me. Tried upto 50 gms daily to no noticeable effect. Neither did RS3 and probiotics. They made everything worse. I am really not convinced people like us should be using oral probiotics. But I could be wrong. The gut healing part of gelatin comes from glycine apparently. Maybe try that?

  3. I definitely would consider it, and in fact I did eat zero carb for about a week. I ate nothing but meat, eggs and coconut oil. I felt pretty good most of the week, but then started feeling really tired. Not sure why. I’m thinking of giving it another go. How’s your second set of Zero Carb going?

  4. It’s going really well! Today is day 60 for me. The last month has flown by. As long as I stay away from cheese, I am good. I’ve lost more weight too – about 7 pounds for the last 30 days. Since I’m in menopause that is a good loss for me. I’ve also started to exercise and am doing good with that. It’s allowing me to focus on life instead of food so I felt kind of lost for awhile since I didn’t know what to do with my time. I’ve made new, non-food or diet goals. It’s not perfect but the best I’ve ever felt, since age 15-16. I’m going to follow up with blood tests in the next couple weeks but the FBG is great (under 90) and A1C is going down. I wasn’t diabetic but was heading that way.

  5. Hi Trebbie – There was divine intervention today that made me go eat ice cream. I mean that sincerely. I really do try to follow my intuition with eating. If I really want something I have it. I’m trying to be kind to myself in this process. Many thanks for the warm message.

  6. I take mag glycinate…does that count? I’m really glad you’re doing these N=1s along with me because I know you control yours really well. You’re very focused. I’ll think about the glycine – thank you.

  7. Sure it will count but those are mg amounts. Per Peat a mojority of adult protein intake could be gelatin which is like 25% or so glycine. Thats quite a bit. Also red light and co2 are very protective. On low carb co2 drops precipitously and I havent been able to get it back above 25. From what I am seeing things were in control for you until you introduced fiber and probiotics into the mix. Doesnt surprise me.

  8. Yes indeed, it was the fiber that fucked me all up. Still the solution doesn’t seem to be avoid all fiber for the rest of my life. I think this can be fixed.

  9. For sure. I just havent stumbled across the fix yet. Sent a study your way. Take a look.

  10. My energy is the best it’s been since I was a teen. The first two weeks were the hardest. Even though I was on keto before I still had an adaptation time. I’ve had some days where energy was lower, but not lower than before. On those days I just try to rest. It seems like I’m going through healing of some kind. Also i don’t have food to get me through shitty feelings any longer. So I have to live through them. Turns out, the shitty feelings don’t last. I am truly eating food for fuel now, but I am enjoying the food too. I thought I would crave salad and vegetables. I really loved veggies and fruit – but I truly do not crave them. It’s really interesting. Instead I crave different things. Today I really want lamb and scallops for instance. I also get cravings for beef if I don’t eat it every day. Also salmon. I do eat some eggs too but not many.

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