Off Center

I can’t quite regain my footing since adding the supplemental fibers to my diet.  I’m crying off and on, far more than I have been at any point in the last 3 months – sometimes at work, which is really fucking embarrassing.  I just feel mildly depressed again.  Energy is ok but mood is low, enthusiasm is low, irritability is present (where it wasn’t 2 weeks ago).

I don’t know if this will just pass or not.

8 thoughts on “Off Center

  1. You probably need more potassium – you said in your last post that your potassium tested low. Potassium seems to help mood, it seems like a feel-good mineral. Maybe magnesium too. And maybe you don’t need these fiber supplements; they don’t seem like a natural thing to be taking. You should be able to get fiber from salad greens, cooked non-starchy vegetables, avocado, and coconut meat/flakes (with coconut having the added benefit of containing things that suppress endotoxins)…..and of course fruit if you add that back into your diet at some point after you start exercising & getting sunlight or Vitamin D. Getting your fiber from real food would also give you more potassium & magnesium, which may help you to feel better.

  2. Hi Lanie. Sounds like your serotonin is elevated? Possibly due to the extra fiber you are taking? Maybe if you stop taking the fiber supplements, things will balance out again.

  3. Thanks, Martin. I’ve stopped taking the fibers in an effort to restabilize. I’m also eating potassium-rich foods now every day. My previous attempts to eat fibrous foods have all ended in depression. I think I have a persistent gut problem.

  4. Sry. I feel for you. I dont think oral probiotics and resistant starches are safe with gut issues leading to obesity and diabetes. I think you just recolonized your small intestine if that makes sense. Use the oregano oil and berberine or whatever again. See if that helps.

  5. Thanks, Beno. The depression for me is very clearly linked to consuming indigestible fibers, rather than low carb dieting. The low carb makes me feel awesome. Also I’m not consuming any legumes. Thanks for the link though!

  6. Thanks Cathy – definitely the problem was the fiber and I’ve stopped taking it. Better now!

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