• Hot flashes are gone again.  They gradually dwindled after my Dairy Fail, and now gone.
  • I’ve started tapering my blood pressure medicine.  BP is 133/80 this morning, which is actually improved from where I started; taking 2 medications it was still 151/95 two months ago.
  • Pulse has dropped into the high 60s (egad!).
  • Fasting blood sugar this morning: 97 mg/dl (an improvement of 50-60 points from where I started).
  • Weight this morning: 192.5 (15 pounds lost).
  • I’m eating meat, vegetables, eggs, and saturated fats (coconut oil and animal fat, and some ghee) and drinking water.  That’s it.  I was eating olive oil and stopped because I noticed my blood sugar trending up.  Olive oil – even a brand that is pure olive oil (not one of those not-really-olive-oil brands) is still 12% PUFA.  I think that and roasted macadamia nuts (trans fats from roasting?) were the cause of upward trend.  When I stopped eating those two things my blood sugar trended down again.

Supplements these days are as follows (I’m intentionally omitting the dosages for various reasons, but if you’re curious you can email me and I’ll tell you more):

  • DHEA
  • Pregnenolone
  • Licorice Root
  • R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Multivitamin with the methylated forms of Folate, B6 and B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • NAC
  • Probiotic
  • CoQ10

Looking at the health plan developed for me by my coaches at Nourish Balance Thrive it appears I’m supposed to be starting some kind of bionic fiber powder.  Interesting.  Bionic.

I’ve also been taking 100mg of aspirin powder 2x a day to see if it helps with my weird neuro tic, and some oyster shell calcium powder because I worry about calcium intake.  Neither of these supplements were recommended by NBT.

I’m so grateful to my coach Amelia at NBT for reaching out to me on this blog and letting me know HOW it was possible for me to feel good again.  I’m enjoying my life again, every day.

7 thoughts on “Friday

  1. What you’re doing is basically called “zero carb”! Except for the coconut oil. It’s basically animal foods and water. At its simplest – eat meat drink water. I’ve been doing a 30 day experiment after reading a few blogs – you can see my updates on my blog I’m posting another update today – started April 6th (from keto). I was inspired by this story:


    Also take a look at these Facebook groups:
    Zeroing in on Life
    Zero Carb – the easy way

    I was very skeptical since I was pretty low carb on keto that zero carb would do much more, but it has. The best thing is that it’s way easier than I thought – no cravings after the first 5 days, hunger is very controlled (better than keto). I’m thinking of extending my experiment since it’s gone so well. The social aspect is the worst part – NOT a super popular thing to not eat any veggies or fruits. I loved those foods but they were not helping me get well. Even cooked veggies. Hope this info is useful to you.

  2. Hey Kim – Glad you’re enjoying your zero carb experiment. I have actually read about about your last month – I belong to one of the zero carb facebook groups and someone linked to your blog. I’d have to say some days I’m really close to zero carb but I still eat vegetables. There is a certain simplicity to it that I like – just meat and water. I don’t see how it can be nutritionally complete long term though. As I mentioned here I’m concerned about calcium intake on any dairy free diet – I know you can get calcium in greens but I just can’t bring myself to eat that many greens. I did a search of the zero carb facebook page and could find no discussion at all about calcium. I’m afraid to ask because I’m afraid they’ll become defensive and shun me from the group. LOL.

    I did put just meat into cronometer – 2 pounds I think, just for the sake of evaluating the nutrients – and it was short in a number of other nutritional areas too (folate, vitamins A, C, E, K, manganese, potassium). I do feel great on days I just have meat and water but I’m also taking a bunch of supplements that will probably fill in the blanks. I can see using it as a tool short-term to meet a goal and then reintroducing other foods. What do you think of the nutritional issue?

  3. As for the nutritional issue, jury is still out with me. I will have some comparison lab work done in about a month to make sure everything is ok. But, there is calcium and potassium and even vitamin C in meat, which is supposedly more bio-available than in vegetables. We may not need as much of these vitamins and minerals if we are actually absorbing it. I know personally that I get very little out of greens, even romaine lettuce. Perhaps my digestive system needs healing, not sure. But I’ve literally never felt better than since I’ve been eating only animal foods. I even recently removed dairy which I was never willing to do before because I could tell the difference with and without it. Here’s a link to a Facebook post that has links in it about the nutritional value of meat:

    The simplicity of this WOE cannot be overstated – I just feel at peace and food is not HARD anymore. The choosing, cooking and eating. I don’t have to think about it as much, and surprisingly I’m spending less money even though I’m buying more expensive food. The “extras” cost a lot more than I thought, and there’s literally no waste with meat. I’m not saying this is forever, but yes maybe a tool to get to where I want. I guess I’m not trying to look to the future now but just take it as it comes and trying to do what feels good to my body. Plus I have more time on my hands due to food being a smaller part of my life! We will see how this goes nutritionally though. I’m also going to get another DEXA scan in a month or so. I want to make sure this isn’t making my osteopenia worse.

  4. Awesome. Ok if I ask you in a month how the labs went? I’d be quite content eating only animal foods or very close to it. I’m forcing myself to eat vegetables.

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