Didn’t Expect That

My partner-in-health Amelia wrote me a sympathetic email about my brief and failed foray into the world of dairy.  She recommends I wait at least 6 months before introducing anything risky.  I guess I was over-zealous.  Seriously, why the hell would I risk feeling the best I’ve every felt….for some cottage cheese?

Things got a little worse yesterday, as the effects of eating dairy hit me.  Apparently it takes a full 24 hours or so for your body to register the insult you’ve just tossed at it.  Yesterday the hot flashes continued but faded away toward the end of the day.  I also developed a headache in mid-afternoon (rare for me) and last night I had a full-on depression going.  Crying for no reason, being argumentative with my husband.  Ah yes, just like old times.

Bye bye to that.  Cottage cheese, I’m just not that into you.

Slept well last night though, nasal congestion is almost gone.  Gnawing hunger is now gone again.  Appetite has dropped, as have some of the other stress markers (breast pain, weight gain).  Blood sugar still up a bit. I’m down 3 pounds today and finally under 200 for the first time in 2 years.

New plan: continue doing what I’ve been doing for the last month.  Not going to try to force the low-fat thing right now.  I think that’s what made me want dairy – low fat and low carb is just too hard for me right now. Meals were starting to taste terrible with that combination – things like a dry bun-less hamburger and a pile of spinach with nothing on it but salt.  Instead I’m just going to accept that this is going to be a long process but it’s going to be rewarding along the way.

4 thoughts on “Didn’t Expect That

  1. Ketones from coconut oil should be helpful. Heat up some, add half a teaspoon mustard seeds, when they start popping add a couple dried red chillies, few curry leaves and a diced shallot, once shallots are browned add the baby spinach and maybe some grated coconut, salt to taste, cook until wilted. Yum. I like swiss chard better. Its not gonna be a pile of tasteless spinach 🙂

  2. Hi Lanie…Under 200 pounds, yay!!! One quick thought: when you are losing fat you’re burning through stored toxins and estrogen, adipose tissue stores a lot of estrogen. Headaches, weeping and emotional outbursts etc. are quite common and aren’t necessarily due to dairy. I’m not suggesting that you keep dairy in your diet, I agree a six month break is great. I’m merely letting you know that the act of burning through adipose tissue has it’s own uncomfortable side effects. Keep your liver as happy as possible to minimize discomfort and cut yourself some slack. This is a long process. If it were super easy and comfortable nobody would be sick and fat.

  3. You know, over the past month or so I have had episodes about once every 6 or 7 days that involve weepiness/estrogeny stuff. They last about an hour and then go away. I used to spend entire days like that so I’m very aware of how often they are and how long they last. The weepiness after eating dairy may have been one of those things – but I’m sure the sleep disturbance, acne, hot flashes, gnawing hunger, and increased appetite are related to the dairy. Those are all daily occurrences for me until recently when I stopped eating dairy. Thanks for that info about detoxing the junk in fat as you lose weight. I was wondering what those episodes were about.

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