Dairy Fail

Well this is interesting. Since I added dairy back into my diet 2 days ago, the follow things have happened:

  • I didn’t sleep well the first night
  • My mood faded from awesome to blah (but that could be because I didn’t sleep well).
  • I developed nasal congestion so I didn’t sleep well the second night.
  • My face broke out in a few small pimples
  • I’ve had a few hot flashes
  • My appetite increased – yesterday I brought a lunch to work and it was gone by 10am.
  • My breasts are slightly swollen and painful the way they used to be when estrogen was high
  • Blood sugar is up (fasting bg today of 115)
  • My gnawing hunger has returned this morning
  • I’m up 2 pounds today.

I didn’t even eat a ton of dairy – yesterday just one slice of cheese.

Really? Am I one of those people who shouldn’t be eating any dairy? Well, that’s a bit disappointing.


I may try again with goat cheese at some point, but for now, back to plain old Paleo.

9 thoughts on “Dairy Fail

  1. Have you tried organic without pesticides/hormones? Have you tried A2 variety without the A1 caesin proteins that some find are pro-inflammatory?

  2. The past month is the first time I’ve been dairy free in my life for any length of time. The last two days are my experience with adding dairy back in a month later. I could try organic cheese I suppose, and I don’t have access to a2 milk. Honestly I’m not that determined right now. I just want to get back to feeling better. Good thoughts though – thank you.

  3. Goat milk would be A2. Anyways try cooked greens to balance out the calcium and phosphorous for now.

  4. It took me a long time to figure out the right combination of dairy products for me, but once I did, it had very positive effects.

    The first problem is not being adapted to digest it. The adjustment takes a while, and in the meantime, gut symptoms can occur. So it’s better to take dairy in the morning at first, so that when we sleep, there are no lingering problems.

    Then one has to find the right products, the one that we tolerate best (raw, pasteurized, or UTH, in what container, with what additives). Once I found the right milk, I realized I could only digest 3 cups. So then I added some yogurt because it’s easier to digest, and finding the right yogurt requires the same process, but at the end I had two sources of protein and calcium that I could tolerate.

    Then I added cheese. Experimenting with many brands I found one soft cheese and one hard cheese I could tolerate. So now I have 4 sources that are high in protein and calcium. High intake of these have positive effects

  5. I wonder if it depends on the kind of cow’s milk…raw vs pasteurized, pasteurized vs ultra pasteurized, homogenized or not. I bought a local cow share for raw milk access a year ago. A few months into it, I ended up very ill with campylobacter infection. I know of several families who also use this dairy, and none of them became ill. I actually believe that it came from contaminated shrimp from Costco. Anyway, I’ve never been so sick, so it just wasn’t worth chancing it, moving forward. Being unwell in general these past two years, I figured I’m less resilient to pathogenic bugs anyway. My other two local choices are 1. Pasteurized, non-homogenized cow’s milk and 2. Ultra pasteurized goat’s milk. I use a little of each of these. I haven’t noticed a problem. I also haven’t had a problem with Supernatural brand sour cream or goat yogurt. I’m not consuming very much dairy in general as I currently have an issue with glutamate overload (compliments of methylation blocks and apparently overdoing the bone broths and gelatin all last year). And so the fun continues.

  6. Personally I like them but if you dont then another option would be bone broths. You could add some root vegetables and make a nice soup. Should be soothing to the intestines too. Add a little acid like vinegar to leech the calcium.

  7. Good thinking – I’ve been taking a break from bone broth mostly because I’ve been busy. Maybe time to resume. I should find out how much calcium is in it.

  8. Nice methodical testing Anon. If I give it another try with dairy at some point I’ll do that – start with one product at a time and test till I find something that works. The last two days have been so obnoxious for me, i have to ask myself why I would subject myself to that again. Only 1 month off of dairy and my body completely rejects the very same products I was eating before. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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