Dairy and Education

I’ve started and stopped a couple of posts over the weekend but have yet to finish one.  I guess I didn’t really have much to say.  Sometimes I want to write but my brain is blank.

Well, here’s something.  About a month ago the practitioners I’m working with challenged me to go dairy-free for a month to see if it affected how I feel.  Well I did, and I feel great…but I also recently changed my diet an started taking a bunch of amazing supplements, so it’s hard to say that giving up dairy made the difference. I have decided to add the dairy back into my diet, for a few reasons.  First, I think weight loss might speed up if I can cut some fat out of my diet and low-fat dairy is a great way to do that.  Second, I’m really getting tired of meat and vegetables.  If that’s what I have to eat to be healthy I’ll do it, but I’m not convinced yet that that’s the case.  Third, I’m afraid I’m not getting enough calcium.  I’m just not confident I’m getting enough via veggies and currently I’m eating a lot of meat (i.e., high phosphorus).  I don’t want another slew of cavities like last time I went Paleo.  I’d like to swap out some of the meat with low-fat dairy.  Not milk so much, which is fairly high in sugar, but things like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

So yesterday I added dairy back in.  I’ll give it a week or so and see how I feel.  It might come back out again.  I felt good after eating dairy again yesterday – no signs of physical distress – and the scale was down a pound today to 200.4.  I’m down about 7 pounds in the month of March, and I’ve lost about an inch an a half off my waist.  I’ve already started shopping in my closet for clothes I haven’t been able to wear for a couple of years.

I listen to podcasts every day on my commute to work.  The podcast by Christopher Kelly at NBT is really good – great guests, and I always learn a lot – It really syncs up well with the very things I’m interested in learning about right now.  A few days ago the guest was Dr. Bryan Walsh, a naturopathic doctor (sidebar: how come my current version of Windows spell check doesn’t recognize words like “paleo,” “naturopathic,” or “podcast” yet?  Get with it, Windows).  I was immediately endeared to Dr. Walsh when he said he didn’t want to talk about himself much and wasn’t very good at self-promotion (I hear you, Dr. Walsh…that’s why I’m no longer self-employed.)  Love humble people.  Anyway, turns out he’s got an amazing website with a whole video course aimed at health practitioners.  Of course I don’t fall into that category, but I’m really interested in learning about biochemistry and physiology, especially to the extent that I could learn to interpret labs and help myself and my family.  Plus it’s just cool stuff.

I signed up for a free trial membership and watched a couple of the videos and I’m amazed at how brilliant this guy is – not just with regard to the subject matter, but he’s also a really great teacher.  He presents everything in a way that is easily understood and repeats things frequently to help you learn.  It looks like it costs $300 (temporarily discounted from $400) for the first level course (there are 4 levels total). Levels 2-4 are “coming soon.”  I’m very likely to do this. I wonder if he would consider putting a “contact us” button on his site somewhere.  I’d hate to invest money in something and have no way to contact the service provider if something goes wrong.

For now, off to work.

8 thoughts on “Dairy and Education

  1. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt should be low in lactose just in case thats what troubling you. If you cant handle milk yet just add cooked greens to balance out the phosphorous in meat. As long as you keep calcium up you should be good. Palak paneer. Yum 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words about Metabolic Fitness. Your idea for a “Contact” area is a pretty obvious one, but apparently escaped me. Sorry about that. I’ll add one shortly. Thanks again for your comments. Things like that mean a great deal to me and I’m glad you enjoyed the trial videos.

  3. Hey it worked! I was hoping you’d follow the link back here and see that. 🙂 Yes, I’m looking forward to watching more of them!

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