Some very cool numbers to share today:

A graph:


Fasting blood sugar:

  • Yesterday: 105
  • Today: 106

My fasting blood sugar has dropped 20 points in just the last 2 days, and 50-60 points from where I started.  Here’s another:

2-hour post-prandial blood sugar:

  • Yesterday lunch: 92
  • Yesterday dinner: 86

Also a drop of 40-50 points.

So if you have diabetes and make the symptoms of diabetes go away does that mean you no longer have diabetes?

Also, my weight dropped 2 pounds to 204.6 a few days ago and today it dropped another couple of pounds to 202.8.  I’m now at my Pre-Peat weight.  Next goal – to get back to my pre-California weight.

12 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Hi Lanie, You asked “So if you have diabetes and make the symptoms of diabetes go away does that mean you no longer have diabetes?” Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The hallmark of a diabetic person is the inability to oxidize glucose. Sugars cannot get in to the cell to be used for fuel, so it stays circulating in the blood (HYPERglycemia) and gets spilled in the urine as a safety measure to protect the body’s tissues and organs. You will no longer be diabetic when you can eat anything you want and can effectively use that food for fuel at the cellular level. Sugar does not cause diabetes. PUFA suppresses the thyroid gland and poisons the mitochondria and that is the true cause of diabetes. I have proven this on myself through an experiment that I did last year. I told you about it last summer, but I’m going to refresh your memory: I was morbidly obese and pre-diabetic for 20 years. I did a high fat low-carb diet and lost close to 80 pounds (I’m a 5’2″ 48 year old female). Losing the weight improved many markers for me, blood pressure, cholesterol, hormones, etc. However, when I tried to eat blueberries or any fruit I suddenly became FULL-ON diabetic, despite eating NO sugar or grains for three years. That’s when I realized that sugar does not cause diabetes, it was something else in the food supply, namely the ingestion of PUFA. Ya gotta get your calories from somewhere, when I was low-carbing I ate TONS of avocados, nuts and nut butters, seeds and seed oils, bacon, chicken fat/skin, fish oil etc. All of it was “clean” and organic, but PUFA nonetheless. In adding fruit back to my diet (when I discovered Peat in November of 2013) I immediately gained nearly forty pounds and became fully diabetic by March of 2014. The way out of that scenario was not easy (or pretty), but I’m here today, six months after the end of my experiment to reverse diabetes/reduce estrogen, weighing in at 135 pounds and can eat anything I want (including tons of chocolate, OJ, fruit, potatoes etc). Also, I no longer take thyroid medication after being on it for 15 years. I sincerely hope you are doing your low carb diet in a severely PUFA restricted manner (NO fast food), otherwise you will surely find yourself right back at square one with a very limited diet and still unable to eat and have energy like a normal person. I did my experiment last summer and quit in September 2014 so as not to stress my body through winter, I had NO idea the metabolic results would be so dramatic and permanent. My experiment was simple, but not easy. I ate absolutely NO starch, NO PUFA and very low saturated fat (under 20 grams a day). LOTS of protein and vegetables and fruits for six weeks at a time and then I took a break cuz it’s tough. On the break, still absolutely NO PUFA, only saturated fats. Then repeat for another 6 weeks. As a former morbidly obese diabetic, I urge to do whatever it takes to lose the fat, but above all else avoid PUFA like the plague as that is the TRUE CAUSE….I know, such a long winded answer to your question 😉

  2. @meme Pretty sure shes on board with the no PUFA plan. Shes just been frustrated with lack of results so far with regular Peating. The dangers are all too real with very low carb IMHO.

  3. Great story! And thanks for telling me again. Yes, I’m definitely on the low PUFA wagon – the most I get now os a few grams a day when I eat conventional eggs. Wow – so inspiring! Great experiment.

  4. Exactly. I think Peat is right about many things, including PUFA. In fact, I think if there’s one thing to change in your diet to promote health, that’s it.

  5. Ok, Meme – I’m at home now with access to a full keyboard. I’ve been thinking about your story off and on all afternoon. I’m so excited about this because it suggests that I might be able to eat like a normal person one day (and by normal i mean one who eats a more diverse diet, including carbohydrates). I do feel strongly that Peat is on target with his anti-PUFA recommendations, and he does say that it’s PUFA that causes the cells to be unable to use the sugar in the blood. I’m so excited that you seem to be confirming that.

    I have a couple questions for you. How many 6-week cycles (as you mentioned) did you do before you were able to tolerate carbs again? It sounds like you said 6 months total – is that 6 months of 6-week cycles? How long were your breaks between cycles? Do you think the low-fat contributed to your success with this? And if so, how? Peat says it takes up to 4 years to detoxify stored PUFA after you stop eating it. Are you saying it took you 6 months? Tell me more!!

  6. I removed starch because it was causing terrible blood sugar issues and also gut bloating (you’ll recall the raw garlic Shock & Awe). I drastically cut fat so that whenever my body needed fat, it would pull from my more than ample reserves. This left fat free dairy, very lean meat, gelatin, seafood, fruit and veg. I used non-GMO 100% pure fructose powder (in coffee etc.) cuz Peat says that form of sugar is more easily used by diabetics. I started the fructose at the end of March 2014 and I was tolerating OJ and all fruit very well for sure by July, so three months. I was very strict with zero PUFA and NO starch. Every six weeks I took a break and ate tons (prolly too much) of saturated fat like whole milk, brie and rice crackers because it was I was sick of “dieting”. I noticed on these breaks that I was tolerating alcohol waaaay better too….still being very strict with PUFA. After a brief break I did another 6 week round, it helped me mentally to know that it wasn’t going to last forever. I did three rounds total and quit in mid September. I kept protein high, like always 100 grams at least and some days even more because I was hungry. I did the high protein to prevent muscle loss, keep my liver happy and it helps with satiety. YES, the low fat was key because it gave my liver a break and forced the use of my stored fat. I always kept myself in a caloric deficit, some days a deeper deficit than others, but NEVER at the expense of nutrition,,,,which is where Cron-O helps enormously. I always made sure that all nutrients were covered. I supplemented a TON of B vitamins to help with sugar tolerance. This wasn’t easy, there were times where I had headaches and was grumpy and hungry. I mitigated the stress as much as possible using all of Peat’s recommendations (bag breathing to increase CO2, thyroid meds, Progesterone, vit. E, aspirin, B vits. etc.). End result was 38 pounds of fat loss, NO muscle loss, blood pressure is 130/80 instead of my previous 170/100. AND I can eat like a normal person. I chowed down through the holidays and actually had to go off of my thyroid medication because I was getting too much. My metabolism was so vastly improved I was SHOCKED. I had been on thyroid meds for 15 years. I don’t track on Cron-O anymore (pretty much never want to see cucumbers and Fage 0% fat yogurt again, lol). and Like I said earlier, it’s been six months since I quit last September and I weigh 135 lbs. I eat intuitively and whatever I feel like eating (which includes potatoes or popcorn or rice with lots of butter on occasion), any and all fruits and lots of OJ daily. I was very scared when I did my experiment, but I had no other choice. I had already tried every other option and the only things my doctors were offering: Lipitor, Metformin and ace inhibitors. I’m going to start exercising now that it’s Spring, I haven’t felt this good in over TWO decades….so yeah, it appears that rapid fat loss can deplete PUFA in less than 4 years and literally fix a myriad of serious health issues. The first round I was very calorically restricted and it was a difficult adjustment, I think I took a two week break before I started Round Two. The second round was much easier in a many ways because I was tolerating sugar so much better, I found that I didn’t have to be so strict with my calories as long as I kept fat very low, like 10 or 15 gms a day and I could have more carbs while keeping protein high always. I think I only took a one week break before I started Round Three, I was eager to get to my goal, didn’t want to lose momentum as I had found my stride so to speak….and I really just wanted the whole thing over with. I never made it to my goal, which was 125 lbs. I got to 132 and said GOOD ENOUGH!!! I didn’t want the stress of dieting especially as the days grew shorter. I gained 3 pounds back over the winter, who cares, I’m still within 10 pounds of my goal and am choosing to exercise the rest of it off now that I know that I am cured of hypothyroidism/obesity/diabetes/hypertension. I know it’s only one old gal’s experience, take it for what it’s worth, but I’m tellin ya based on my experiment, I think Peat is 100% correct.

  7. The berberine will also lower blood sugar – I’ve read some studies demonstrating more effectiveness than metformin. Worked well for me; only problem is (in me), does not work well with my occasional glass of red wine.

  8. Hi Jo – Yup, the NBT folks recommended the Berberine for me specifically because of it’s known effect on blood sugar. I haven’t had alcohol in months – I was feeling so bad for so long that the additional mild hangover I’d get from drinking alcohol just wasn’t worth it. Good to know it worked for you.

  9. Meme, that is friggen great. We have exactly the same metabolic issues! I’m sure I was surprised about that last time you told me too. You have amazing discipline. I’m not sure about dairy right now – I think it’s much easier to go low fat with dairy than it is without it. I can’t stand the taste of canned gelatin. I’m so impressed by this. I might copy and paste this into a word doc and review it every few months. Or better yet I’ll write a blog post about it because it’s really pretty earth shattering.

  10. I was wondering if Meme would mind posting some of the foods she was eating.
    I am so interested and I too believe it is the PUFA causing me so much grief with my BG levels.

    I know she said no starch, but I find already that I tolerate Rice and Potatoes so hope that small amounts of that could maybe be eaten. I love this thread.

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