Dairy Free – Day 6

Blood Sugar (Yesterday):

  • Fasting: 150
  • 2 hours after breakfast: 142
  • 2 hours after lunch: 120
  • Status: Unchanged
  • Actions: My team at Nourish Balance Thrive has recommended that I start taking Berberine and has also doubled my dose of Lipoic Acid, in both cases to address the blood sugar issue.  I took Berberine back in November when I was trying to self-treat what I thought was probably SIBO.  At the time I was pretty sure it was the Berberine that was giving me the runs, but I’ve agreed to give it a try again.  Maybe that was a bad brand (I picked it pretty randomly) or maybe it wasn’t the Berberine at all causing the problem.  Anyway, I’m on day 2 of Thorne brand Berberine and so far so good.  I doubled the dose of Lipoic Acid about a week and a half ago.
  • I’ve also stopped eating all carbs except those in the low-sugar-fruit-and-vegetable genre (as of 2/23/15), and I’ve stopped consuming all dairy (as of 3/2/15).
  • I’ve been cautioned that it may take months (or longer!) for this to turn around, and I’m on board with being patient.  I just like data.


  • 207 lbs.
  • Status: unchanged
  • Actions: Began tracking what I eat again in Cronometer.  Wow, Cronometer has gotten realy high tech – even the free accounts!  Now you can see exactly which foods are giving you which nutrients.  It’s really cool. Ok, ok, I’ll show you.  Here – look what happens when I hover over the Vitamin A color bar:cronocap

It shows you exactly what you ate that had vitamin A.  Like I guess I’m getting quite a bit from spinach.  Who knew.  Since we’re on the topic of Cronometer, here were my stats yesterday:


I’m still tweaking, but this was eating the way I eat every day now.  I still feel hungry before meals and I felt hungry lying in bed last night (but didn’t bother getting up to eat) so I don’t think I’m eating too many calories.  If hunger wasn’t a factor for me I’d be able to eat less and lose weight.  I think my high insulin is causing me to be hungry.  Maybe that will come down and I can eat less.

Macronutrient breakdown for yesterday:

  • Fats: 70.6%
  • Carbs: 7.9%
  • Protein: 21.5%

Other symptoms

  • Decreased Snoring: I mentioned yesterday my extremely exciting breakthrough with snoring.  You know, the more I think about it the more I feel very grateful that my family hasn’t just packed up and left me over the last couple of years.  I haven’t been fun to live with at all.
  • Muscle pain – all but gone; decreased gradually after I quit the Metformin, and was gone about 4 days later.  I feel little twinges here and there but it’s not distracting me anymore.
  • Hot flashes.  Here’s some news. I had been taking Progest E continuously at a low dose for months.  I know you’re supposed to take it only the second half of the cycle but I was having symptoms other times of the month and my cycle has been irregular for years, so I’ve been dosing every day.  Maybe not the best plan.  I stopped taking the Progest E 10 days ago.  Over the last 10 days the hot flashes have grown fainter and more spread apart and yesterday they were almost imperceptible.  Ray Peat says that hot flashes are caused by low progesterone.  Mainstream medicine says they’re caused by low estrogen.  I’d have to agree with the latter at this point.  I did have hot flashes before – in May/June of 2014, again after months of dosing Progest E continuously.  I dosed the progesterone heavily for a couple days and they went away, but this strategy caused my blood pressure to shoot up.  I stopped taking progesterone for a month, and the hot flashes stayed gone.  I think what actually happened there was the large doses of progesterone displaced lots of estrogen in cells, freeing up estrogen into circulation, hence the reduction in hot flashes and the stress response.  Ray Peat…wrong?  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with the progesterone, but if I do it will be only the second half of my cycle and it will be only in small doses.
  • Bloating: Much improved since I stopped eating cheese.  I’m not sure what was going on there, but I haven’t noticed abdominal bloating for several days.
  • Energy and Mood are the best they’ve been in almost a year.  I feel consistently centered and hopeful for the first time in years.

4 thoughts on “Dairy Free – Day 6

  1. 53 gms carbs. Bump it up to a 100! Anyway if you look at postmenopausal women estrogen levels decline for sure but progesterone declines even faster. So progesterone cant be causing hot flashes. You are taking too many variables right now to say whats going on between the pregnenolone DHEA etc Cortisol release can cause hot flashes. You are on adrenal support. That will change the hot flashes.

    lowered bloating seems a step in the right direction. I suspect bloating and SIBO to be related. Maybe you are just lactose intolerant. Some cheeses have very low levels which will be fine. Body is much better at protein digestion and bacteria feed on the sugars and starches to produce distension.

  2. You’re right – too many variables. Why would i bump carbs up to 100? I’m thinking of cutting them in half. I need to reduce my insulin.

  3. I think thats the PHD level to prevent thyroid issues of going too low carb. Reverse T3 can get jacked up preventing progress.Insulin resistance is likely response to inflammatory mediators. Lets see what happens to your HSCRP with the new plan. I am rooting for the oregano oil and herbal stuff to weed out the suckers.

  4. I know Jaminet recommends 120g of so of “safe starch” but again, I have diabetes. It’s really a whole new ballgame when your blood sugar is over 140 all the time from eating carbs. Reducing my blood sugar is my number one priority. The PROVEN complications of diabetes, for me, are far more compelling than the POSSIBLE complications of being on a low-carb diet.

    Yeah, I’m probably going to get some labs in a month or to and see what’s going on in there.

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