Dairy Free – Day 5

Today is Dairy Free – Day 5.  Today just started so I’m actually only reporting on the first 4 days.  Without dairy, here’s what’s going on with me:

  • My appetite has dropped – I can now go 4-5 hours without eating.
  • My blood sugar has dropped a bit.  Fasting is still 140s, 2-hour post-prandial is around 120.
  • I’ve lost 0.4 pounds, and then stabilized again.  Now at 206.6. Hasn’t moved for 3 days.
  • I’m feeling the restriction of food options, big time.  I seriously need to find ways to eat more vegetables that are palatable for me. Anyone have any good recipes?
  • I’m concerned I’m eating too much meat.  You know, that whole high-phosphorous thing Ray Peat was always talking about.  Considering calcium supplementation.
  • Mood is very good overall.
  • Energy good.
  • Sleep is ok.  Last couple nights I’ve tossed and turned a bit.

But get this…

My husband didn’t know I stopped eating dairy – it’s been a year or more since I kept him in the loop of all of my diet changes.  Yesterday he said to me, “You know, your snoring has improved a lot the last 3 or 4 nights.”

First of all, super embarrassing to be reporting on here that I snore.  But whatever.

But apparently there has been a marked change – an improvement – in said snoring since I stopped eating dairy.

Very interesting!

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