Blood Sugar Control – Day 7

I’m on Day 7 of a pretty darn low-carb diet, and feeling good.

Blood sugar is largely unchanged since last time I posted. Yesterday’s numbers were as follows:

  • Fasting: 158
  • 2 hours after breakfast: 138
  • 2 hours after lunch 112

Weight has been stable at 207 – to the ounce – all week.  Shouldn’t I lose weight eating so few carbs?  I haven’t kept a food log or totaled them up but I’m definitely eating less than 50 grams a day – probably less than 30.  I’d really like to get my weight down, purely for vanity’s sake of course, but more importantly so I can get off these blood pressure medications.  Currently I’m making monthly payments on my doc’s Porsche with as often as I see her to tweak my meds and dosages.

Today’s blood pressure: 153/93

Not good enough, and I’m on 2 prescription meds.

I think my next step is to incorporate more vegetables.  Veggies – even big piles of them – leave me hungry after an hour or two.  I’m eating more of them now than I have at any point for the last few years but it’s still an area I can improve.  I’ve been relying on meat and cheese a lot this week (in addition to plenty of fat) to just get through the day because they’re very satiating.  I’m eating just enough to relieve hunger – I never eat till full – but maybe what I’m eating is just too calorie dense.

Ha.  Check out what I wrote in May 2012:

It pisses me off that I’m experiencing hunger almost every day and yet I’m not losing weight.  I never eat till full – always just till satisfied, and I’m always hungry before meals (except, ironically, before breakfast, the most humongous meal of the day).  I just don’t understand why I’m not losing weight.

Hey look, Ma!  I’m right back where I was 3 years ago!  Only 20 pounds heavier now.

Energy-wise I feel great. I really think the current plan is helping.  My house is tidy again for the first time in a long time – it’s always the first thing I let go when I’m too fatigued to cope with life, since work and parenting are mandatory.  The DHEA is definitely helping my sex drive.  When I cut it in half a week ago I went back to previous libido levels, and as I’ve gradually increased the DHEA again my interest in sex has increased again too.  That’s awesome.  I was feeling so bad that my sex life was pretty low on the list of priorities. It’s a nice side benefit of being on the right track.

4 thoughts on “Blood Sugar Control – Day 7

  1. Hi Lanie,

    Just wanted to commiserate with you, I know how frustrating that morning fasting BG being high is.

    I have tried everything I can over the past 2 years to get it come down.

    Finally, I have come to the conclusion it really does come down to HOW much I eat each day and if I get 20 minutes of walking in. Please read on as I hope I can help you.

    I was diagnosed as Pre-diabetic in 2001. At that time my doctor told me to cut out all ‘white’ foods. Which I did. I went Low carb and lost 60 lbs. I started at 190 and ended up about 130. That lasted for 2 years. Then I couldn’t lose anything whether I ate Low Carb or not. Slowly the weight came back on. And as it did so did my BG go up – not during the day post prandial, but the AM Fasting.

    So I decided to do Paleo. Wrong thing to do! My BG didn’t get any better and now, my struggling body temp got even worse, as did my hypothyroid (that was never diagnosed by tests – just all my symptoms). AND to top it off now the adrenal glands were shutting down too. I couldn’t get enough rest but was wired at bedtime.

    I was so sick and tired of being ‘cold to the bone’. My temp was at 95.5 degrees and I couldn’t get warm without being in a hot tub of water.

    So my plan – I knew if I wanted to get well I needed to get my body temp up first. Your body temp has to be in the 98.2-99.0 most all the time during the day. Your body needs the heat to function with the enzymes etc.

    I read the book by Matt Stone – Eat for Heat. In it I discovered that my adrenal glands needed to heal first then my thyroid would heal better with the supplements I had started two years earlier.

    So here I was at 160lbs and started to eat to warm up. Yep I did, my temp came up. I followed his suggestions adding salt to my diet, lots of salt and lots of warming foods. Unfortunately, my BG shot up through the roof.

    My fasting AM was often at 160-170. This lasted for nearly the past two years.

    Matt Stone praises Ray Peat and that is how I found you. You were mentioned on his forum when I asked if anyone with Diabetes found Ray Peats suggestions for diet to work.

    Well, I discovered on my own that he has good suggestions and I do try to implement a few – like the Potassium issue but there is no way I can ‘drink’ it in orange juice.

    I also got a book by Krispin Sullivan – She is one smart cookie. She says if you eat the right foods to get all the Potassium you need for your weight and Protein too, then your body can start to heal. Getting the potassium each day is a challenge. I come close most days but not always. I do supplement.

    Now, my weight is back up to 190 lbs and I’m getting worried about the high BG numbers – all day long. They didn’t come down after I was eating or fasting. Staying around the 140-170 or even worse higher than 200 at times.

    This is getting serious. I decided I needed to figure out what to do. SO. Back to surfin the internet.

    Next I found a diet – I needed to find one that allowed me some variety – I get sick of eating the same old thing.

    Since my husband is allergic to corn and it’s zillion by products – his diet is limited so cooking for him is BORING.

    He can’t eat much spices as they are all tainted with corn by products and most sauces are thickened with cornstarch.

    The diet – The Simple Diet by Dr James Anderson. I bought the book and since I had come to the conclusion I was just plain eating too much each day – that is why my BG was so high. Eating fat didn’t matter.

    He explains how you can eat (portioned entrees) and lose weight and bring that BG numbers down!

    Hey, I though on January 1st 2015 – okay let’s give this a try. You eat portioned meals. He suggested 3 protein drinks a day, 2 entrees from Smart One, Lean Cuisine, etc and 5 servings of fruit and vegetables. You have to read the book for the specific requirements for each of these. I started on Jan 9th.

    I couldn’t believe it! In just 2 weeks my BG fasting has dropped by 50 points! Many mornings now, I’m under 126. This was unheard of for me. AND my weight is down in less than 2 months by 10lbs.

    Now I just finished reading another book that you should read too. It is called
    The Low Carb Myth: Free Yourself from Carb Myths, and Discover the Secret Keys That Really Determine Your Health and Fat Loss Destiny by Ari Whitten and Wade Smith, MD

    Once I read that book I realized what I had done to my body over the past 14 years with the low carb, paleo, etc dieting. No wonder my thyroid, adrenals and diabetes had gotten out of hand.
    I’m not saying that any of this will help you. But I’ve been down your road and still traveling it.

    All I know is that my BG is coming down.

    And once I got my Adrenals and Thyroid working – my temp is 98.6 at 7:00 am and gets to the 99.0 or minimum 98.6 after I eat and stays there most of the day.

    I have plenty of energy, am very happy, no highs and lows in the emotions, sleeping much better from 11:00 to 7:00 with a wake up to pee at 5:30 -6:00 but then go back to sleep for another hour.

    AND that morning fasting BG is down to 126 or less. I don’t take it during the day since the meals are all portioned I know I’m not getting too high
    For me, I love the entrees – they are portioned and they are very tasty. I have set up a spread sheet to record the entrees and record the Calories, Potassium (if labeled), Carb, Fat and Protein. I have my favorites!

    I have only found a few of the entrees I don’t like – so won’t buy them again, but there are nearly 200 choices of really great portioned entrees.

    I don’t like protein drinks as I got pretty sick of them from Low carbing. AND since I won’t use any artificial sweeteners and having for over 5 years (a tiny bit of stevia but don’t care for it). I use Maple syrup and maple sugar & honey on rare occasions. I make my own protein drink by using Collagen Hydrosolate (Peat) and add that to milk (Peat) add some fruit and maple syrup and YUMMY! My own drink that is much tastier and healthier than those premade protein drinks in a can/box.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. Just wanted to share and hope some of it may be helpful.
    You can e-mail me privately at if you don’t want to post this to your blog.

  2. Penny – Thank you for taking the time to tell me your story. Some things you’re saying indicate definite similarities between our stories. I am absolutely not going to dismiss anything you’ve written – I have an excellent memory and may come back to it at some point. I’m committed to following the course I’m on right now and hope not to need other ideas, but if I do I’ll remember this. It sounds like the key for you was reducing food intake – is that right? I know there are diabetes “experts” who say that’s the key. And maybe it is for some. I’m so happy you’re finding something that’s working for you – please keep checking in and letting me know how it’s going. You can email me too – just click the link in the sidebar.

  3. Getting enough magnesium and potassium and the like? Also try cutting back on sulphur rich foods and see if that helps with the blood pressure.

  4. Lanie – Please do keep this all in your memory banks. And yes, I agree, follow your new plan for several months to see how it goes. I’m so glad you finally found someone to help you and the Adrenal glands, Diabetes, Thyroid and all the other hormones in ones body play such an important ‘symphony’ that if they aren’t in Harmony you have ‘discord’ for sure.

    And below the comment by newtopaleo – is correct. Potassium and Magnesium I have found to be so vitally important along with a complete B vitamins, Vit. C and Vit D (best from the sun – if you can get it). These appear very crucial for diabetics and adrenal fatigue folks. ~ Penny

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