Blood Sugar Control – Day 5

5 days of very low carbs.

Weight is stable…kind of surprised I’m not losing.

Today I ate dairy free to see how it would feel.  Felt about the same.  I ate a ton of spinach to get my calcium.

I do notice I need to consciously intake sodium or I start to feel crappy.  I’m not sure if this is a transitory thing or if this is just how it is now.

Fasting blood sugar is still high – in the 150s.  Post prandial sugars are improving.  2 hours after breakfast was 148 (down from my fasting level of 156), and 2 hours after lunch was 105.  I’m not sure why my fasting numbers are so high.  Something having to do with cortisol maybe?  But I have, like, no cortisol to speak of.

Overall I’m feeling really good.  I’ve increased DHEA back to 4, and then 5 drops per day (heading toward 6, which was my prescribed dose). Energy is really good.  Mood is edgy – I’m not depressed but I notice I’m a little mood swingish – only when I’m hungry though. I feel hungry more often now that I’ve restricted my diet.  Sometimes I just don’t know what to eat or I’m somewhere without many options.  I wish the hunger would go away.  I forget about eating all the time until my body protests.  I hate that people think fat people are all guttons and pigs.  I would love to not have to eat.

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