Blood Sugar Control – Day 4

Muscle pain almost gone now.  Post-prandial blood glucose readings are the lowest I’ve seen in months – 2 hours after breakfast was 114, and two hours after lunch was 107.  Lately my blood sugar is never under 130, so this is pretty cool.

Amelia tells me that when adapting to being a fat burner you have to make sure you have enough water, salt, and potassium – so when I have carb cravings these are the things I’m reaching for.  And by carb cravings I don’t mean, “OOO I miss chocolate so much!! Just a little taste wouldn’t hurt!!”  I mean, “My blood sugar feels like it’s dropping through the floor even though I just ate an entire meal and I have to find a way to get through the next 5 minutes.”

2 thoughts on “Blood Sugar Control – Day 4

  1. Great news on the blood sugars! And that’s with NO Metformin, correct? Just out of curiosity, how is the food program you’re doing now compared to the one you did with Kruse? I can’t recall what you were eating that far back, but are there any notable/overt differences between Amelia vs.Jack in their dietary approach?

  2. I wasn’t following what Jack Kruse recommended exactly and I’m not perfect with the current recommended plan either. I’m working toward getting better and learning new habits though. At that time Jack Kruse hadn’t yet hit his “epipaleo” raw fish and mackerel head phase and was just recommending a general paleo diet – no grains, legumes or dairy. I was sticking to that pretty well, but ate cheese once in a while. I developed a bunch of cavities eating a typical paleo diet. Part of the problem may have been that vitamin K wasn’t on my radar yet, and I wasn’t eating enough greens to get any calcium. Now I’m just eating low carb – no grains, no legumes, no sugar, not much fruit (maybe 1 serving a day), no juice, no milk. I’m eating eggs and some kind of vegetable for breakfast, chicken and cheese over greens or with a vegetable for lunch, and some kind of meat with vegetables for dinner. I’m supplementing with vitamin K and still eat cheese for calcium, so I’m hoping dental problems don’t arise.

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