Since stopping Metformin my mood has improved dramatically.  Muscle soreness continues in my legs, but has lessened.

I’m on day 3 now with basically no sugar, no starch, no dense source of carbohydrates.  I’m trying to become a fat burner.  It’s a struggle but I’m going to stick with it.  If I’m not willing to take the drugs I better be willing to make the lifestyle changes.  I don’t want to be diabetic so this train needs to turn around.

I haven’t mentioned this lately but I started having hot flashes again a couple months ago (well before starting the current supplement protocol).  I’m still taking progest E.  I’m going to stop it for a while and see if anything changes.  My cycles are also all wonky, but that’s nothing new.

4 thoughts on “Better

  1. I follow this guy on FB. I’ve been curious and interested in his progress with diabetes, not to mention his war on the FDA and Diabetes Assoc. You may already be familiar with him. If not, check him out. Out of desperation, he, too, took his sugar control into his own, dietary hands.

    My sugar went nuts from a neuro-immune disorder. My Dr has me include a smoothie mix for glycemic control every morning, along with taking in Ceylon Cinnamon and Chelated chromium (chromium nicotinate Glycinate chelate, 200 mcg) with lunch and dinner.

  2. Is low carb a plan requirement? I have gotten into so much trouble with it I cant recommend it.

  3. Low carb is my only option at this point. The carb-glucose spike-insulin spike merry go round isn’t working for me. 2-hour post prandial glucose test a few days ago was 197. I know you can’t recommend it, but for me it’s the best of the available options.

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