More Side Effects?

I’m haivng a lot of muscle soreness the last couple of days and today I feel fatigued and angry.  Also lots of carbohydrate cravings and irregular pounding heartbeat.  Wondering if these are side effects from taking Metformin.  I’m going to stop taking it for now.

I was just starting to feel better.

8 thoughts on “More Side Effects?

  1. Fatigued and angry could be a sign that your liver is struggling to clear prescription meds/excess estrogen/toxins? Sorry you aren’t feeling well 😦

  2. Supplements too. Ease into them . You are taking too many things at once. Try some molybdenum separate.

  3. I’ve already jumped with both feet into the supplements recommended by NBT, and I was feeling really good on them. The metformin is the new one. Stopping that would tell me pretty quickly if that’s the troublemaker, no?

  4. Possible. I think you may be aggravating your sulfate by improving your methylation cycles with the active form of folate. You may have to back off then reintroduce. DHEA should be fine.

  5. Thank you for researching this for me. There might be something to this but for now I’m going to trust Amelia and follow her instructions (well, except for the fish oil). If I find myself feeling poorly I’ll look at options. Since stopping the Metformin (it’s only been one day off it) my energy has returned and the soreness seems to be gone.

  6. I can’t recall Lanie, are you currently eating wheat? I cut out all wheat years ago, but once in a while I’ll make a home made pizza using an organic pre-made crust. I noticed when I eat anything fortified with folic acid (which by law all commercial wheat products are fortified, even non-gmo organic wheat products) then I will get serious agitation/anger and will feel overwhelmed. Have you considered you might be sensitive to folic acid?

  7. I haven’t completely given up wheat, but there doesn’t seem to be a correlation with that and my mood. Interesting line of thinking though.

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