Well I’ve recovered from my bad day.  Part of the reason it was a bad day was that I was crying all day long.  It was pretty embarrassing at work – I was dealing with a complete and utter inability to handle even the smallest stressor.  It was like this:

Me: Why can’t I dial out on this phone?????!?!?!?!

Coworker: Did you put in your 5 digit passcode?

Me:  What passcode?  I’ve been here 3 months now and I’ve never heard of a passcode!!?!?!?!

Coworker: Yes, you should really talk to your supervisor about it.  I can’t believe she didn’t give you your 5-digit passcode.

Me: She didn’t!  (tears, tears, tears)

Coworker:  Oh no – you’re crying!  It’ll be ok!

Me:  I know.  It’s prolly just hormones….

Then later:

Me:  I can’t log into this program!

Coworker: Yeah, that program is a real pain.  It always kicks me out too.

Me:  BUT I NEED TO GET IN!!!  (tears tears tears)

Coworker: You’re really having a rough day, huh.  Maybe you should go take a break.

Me:  Good idea. (ducking my head into a big coat with a scarf and hat so no one will ask me if I’m ok on my way out to go cry in my car. )


So here’s what I think is happening – I think some of the DHEA I’m taking is converting to estrogen.   Amelia tells me that some of my hormone receptors are a bit super-sensitive from being deprived for so long.  So I cut the dose of DHEA in half from 6 drops a day to 3 drops a day.  Will try increasing gradually.

Otherwise I’m feeling much better.  Sleep, sex, and energy are improving.  I’ve been taking the recommended supplements for only about a week and a half.  My body seems to crave them though – I look forward to taking them and never miss a dose.

I’m over my emotional meltdown about being diabetic too.  I’ll never qualify for life insurance in the open market, but aside from that I’ll survive.  I mean, that’s the goal anyway…surviving.  I think I can reverse this thing though. Looking forward to the Diabetes Summit in March, if I can find some time in the day to watch the presentations.

I’m really enjoying working with Amelia and the team at Nourish Balance Thrive.  She is extremely responsive, kind, and knowledgeable about physiology.  I feel strongly right now that this treatment protocol is going to have a great outcome.

Next post – I’ll talk about the other supplements I’m taking.  I talked about the hormonal/adrenal support supplements a couple days ago.  There’s more.

One thought on “Recovered

  1. Oh Lanie, I’m sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I truly feel for you. At least you had a good cry. I know that it was embarrassing, but you needed to cry. You released a bunch of emotions that probably had been building up. A good cry is sometimes needed with all these health issues. I know, I’ve been there and still there at times. I’ve been following you for quite sometime. I’m so happy for you that you are finding out it is your adrenals and probably more. Once the supplements kick in you will surely feel better!

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