It’s been a while – I’m so busy now that I’m working full time that I can’t seem to make time to write.  I have labs to post at some point, but not today.  I’m ready for bed.  Bottom lining it today:

  • My cortisol is low.  I’m all adrenal fatigue-y.
  • No H. Pylori, no parasite, no yeast/fungal overgrowth.
  • I do have a bad bacteria which may be responsible for my depression, anxiety, and bloating.
  • I have deficiencies of B vitamins and other assorted nutrients, as well as a methylation issue.
  • I’m currently taking about 15 new supplements to fix myself.  One day I’ll list them.
  • Wish I had more time.
  • Low carb isn’t going well.  I feel like crap when I go all day without eating any dense source of carbohydrates.  My functional med practitioner says that maybe the supplements will help with that.  I’m not sure low-carb is the right thing to do anyway.  I felt better eating Peaty, but my blood sugar and triglycerides weren’t happy.
  • I’ve started exercising – just walking on the treadmill on my lunch breaks.

I need sleep.

6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I’m going to title this comment “What I’ve learned from Lanie”
    I have hesitated to share this for a long time, but I’m finally deciding to do ahead, because I have (respectfully!) come to a different conclusion than you have about how eating high sugar/relatively low-fat affected your blood sugar. It’s just a compilation of a few thing that I’ve gleaned from some of your previous posts. In my opinion, the data you provided suggests that consistently eating lower fat/higher simple carb had good effects on your blood sugar, and only when your diet changed due to stress/illness did it rise again:

    March 31, 2014 Low Fat – 2 Week Review

    This week, you showed some really nice graphs, revealing a strong correlation between fat and fasting blood sugar, but no correlation between carbohydrate with fasting blood sugar:

    “My blood sugar is high. I’m pretty much diabetic. This is a given. But look at what happens when I reduce the fat in my diet, increase it again, and then reduce it again. By starting and stopping I managed to create a reversal experiment. The graph shows a decent correlation between fat intake and fasting blood sugar. When I eat more fat my blood sugar goes up – less fat, and it goes down.”

    “Because I have to eat something, generally less fat = more carbohydrate intake. Overall though, carb intake was pretty stable – and it appears to be completely unrelated to my up-and-down fasting blood sugar.”

    “What do I conclude from this? Well, it’s hard to draw firm conclusions given the short duration of the experiment, but it sure looks like high blood sugar (and possibly type-II diabetes) are related to fat intake much more so than to sugar intake.”

    April 4: High Sugar Lowfat Diabetes Experiment -Day 3
    “I have to say, I’ve been feeling really good the last 2 days. Like, in the happy zone for a large proportion of each day. Not sure what to attribute that to, except maybe eating more sugar than I was previously.”
    “Also – get this – my fasting blood sugar was 113 this morning. ”

    April 5 HSLFDE – Day 4 (Updated)
    “I couldn’t wait till later to post because I was really excited. My fasting blood sugar this morning was 106!

    When asked by a commentator what your diet looked like, you provided this sample:

    20 oz orange juice (64.5g carb)
    3 oz cheese (3.3g carb)
    29 oz skim milk (40.8g carb)
    3.5T honey (60.6g carb – in coffee)
    2 oz Honey smoked ham (4.1g carb)
    6 oz yoplait yogurt (32.4g carb)
    2 oz marshmallows (46.1g carb)

    April 6 HSLFDE – Day 5 (Updated)
    “Blood sugar this morning was 117. That’s the 3rd day in a row with a fasting blood sugar under 120. The last time I had 3 days under 120 was November – 5 months ago – when I was still essentially eating low-carb and cortisol was getting me through the day (poorly).”

    April 7: High Sugar Low Fat Diabetes Experiment – Day 6
    “Fasting blood sugar this morning – 119. That’s 4 consecutive days under 120. That hasn’t happened since I was eating low-carb and also bicycling. It’s interesting, I think, that the less sugar I eat the higher my blood sugar the next morning. Once my tummy is back to normal I’ll be cranking on the sugar.”

    April 8: High Sugar Low Fat Diabetes Experiment – Day 7 (Updated)
    “Fasting blood sugar this morning was 113.”
    “So it seems I’m on to something here – my fasting blood sugar has taken a turn for the better since I started reducing fat.”

    April 9: Day 8 of the High Sugar Low Fat Diabetes Experiment.
    “Blood sugar this morning: 130.

    Confounding variables: 3 or more”

    “I started this experiment thinking the only thing that could get in my way was my own inability to tolerate endless sweet beverages. Of course, that was silly. I got a stomach virus (variable #1) that lasted 3.5 days, which ran my body ragged and caused a chain reaction of variables resulting in, among other things, eating starches (variable #2), lower appetite for dairy (#3), and higher appetite for fat (#4).”

    April 17 HCLFDE – Resumed:
    “After eating pretty much whatever I wanted for a week or so my fasting blood sugar was back up to 140 yesterday morning. Yesterday I limited fat to 69.2g (28% of total calories) and today’s fasting blood sugar was 121.”

    April 23: Plan of Attack
    “Lower fat to address high blood sugar (<20% of total calories, or in the neighborhood of 40-50g/day). My dabbling in low-fat eating in the past month or two suggests that Ray Peat may be on to something when he talks about the Randle Cycle."

    April 26, 2014
    High Carb Low Fat – Day 4
    "Well, it took a few days, but my fasting blood sugar was again down below 120 this morning. The scale is down a few pounds too, but too soon to tell if that’s a trend…"

    April 27: High Carb Low Fat – Day 5
    "Fasting blood sugar this morning was 128 – not as low as I’d like to see. Maybe 55g of fat a day (my average the last few days) is too much to make a difference with blood sugar? Last time I attempted to reduce fasting blood sugar by cutting fat (with success) I was averaging a little lower – like 48g."

    April 29, 2014 High Carb Low Fat – Day 7
    "Fasting blood sugar this morning: 125. Heading in the right direction."

    April 30, 2014 High Carb Low Fat -Day 8
    "Fasting blood sugar this morning: 117. Nice to be below 120 again."

    June 3 -Updates
    "Fasting blood sugar has been in the low 120s since giving up starch again, down from 140s. I’ve also been minimizing fat. Maybe that’s helping."

    June 6 "Without Your Health…."
    "The best I’ve ever felt in my life was when I gave up most starches (didn’t even know about the hidden ones yet) and ate sugar – finally I had energy (carbohydrates) and no starches to pull me down again."

    July 24 "My Boy's Wicked Smart"
    "Today I ate 4 meals, and each had protein/fat/carbohydrates. In most cases the carbs were fruit or OJ – at dinner I had some rice. I also took niacinamide and aspirin, 100mg of each, 3 times throughout the day. Lastly I took a couple mcg of T3 at 2 different times today. I felt really good all day – good energy, good mood, good blood sugar control. I even felt really happy for a while there.

    This way of eating and supplementing feels right and I’m going to continue it."

    August 17:
    "In other news….I’ve been eating around 20g of fat per day for 4 days now, and the last 2 days my fasting blood sugar has been under 120. Usually it’s around 135."

    September 1: Many Experiments
    "1. Low Fat = healthier for me. I seem to become healthier when I eat a low-fat diet. I need to get back to this."

    October 11: The Long Haul
    "I have noticed that now that I’m drinking entire glasses of orange juice, an entire quarter of a watermelon at a time, or a bowl of ice cream before bed I don’t get hungry in the middle of the night anymore. I don’t wake up with the heart-pounding of adrenaline or the feeling that there’s a hole in my stomach through which all of my nourishment leaked out. I can sleep through the night now.
    I’ve decided, I guess, that Ray Peat makes me feel the best I’ve ever felt and I’m just going to trust him. More sugar, more carbs, less meat, more salt. It goes against all information from the outside world, and no one believes me, when I tell them that it might be good for you. So I’ll stop trying."

    I am not trying further confuse you. I'm just providing my reasons for coming to a different conclusion about how eating Peat-style affected this one area of your health. I do want to note that there are many studies that suggest that the specific fatty acids in dairy fat have a good effect on insulin sensitivity, so I am not down on all fat. From my research, it seems that the preponderance of the evidence suggests that dairy as a whole (especially the more nutrient dense dairy like cheese, as opposed to butter) is protective, while meat/eggs are not. Just my 2 cents.

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