Had a basic lab panel done.

Context – I have several problematic gut-oriented health issues right now including (possibly) SIBO, parasites, high serotonin, and a history of significant depression and mild anxiety closely related to what I eat.  Just before the current lab draw I was taking herbal antibiotics to kill off the problematic SIBO bugs.  It was not successful, and I stopped several days before the labs.

Notable results: 

  • Cholesterol has come down for some reason.  I wonder if my gut problems are at the root of this.
  • Same with hs-CRP – still high at 6.83, but that’s the lowest reading I’ve had since I started testing almost 3 years ago.

4 thoughts on “Labs

  1. Not a lot stands out unless you look at the serotonin. Basic labs can be falsely reassuring. Co2 is still low at 24 from a Peat perspective. Doesnt seem like thyroid is much of an issue. TSH is low enough as is your LDL which is the lowest its been in a while. Translation you should have enough steroid in the pathways. Like the lower HSCRP. maybe you did manage to off some of the suckers. Still a ways to go to get down further. Eosinophils are not elevated which is against your parasite theory.

  2. There are several reasons I don’t want to bother testing serotonin. I’ve seen people say that both the whole blood and the serum serotonin test are poor indicators of actual serotonin problems. Also the lab screws it up every time, requiring multiple trips to the lab. Also, I need to go pretty far out of my way to get to the lab that will test it – it basically takes half of a day, which I don’t have to spare right now. Going to use inflammation markers, lipid panel, blood sugar, blood pressure, and liver markers to gauge progress, for now. Maybe not ideal, but good enough.

  3. Not sure what they mean. Its metabolised by the lung. Most of it is produced in the gut. So if it reaches the veins of your hands for labs then its reaching everywhere After overwhelming the lungs capacity. If you believe what Peat says then its really just as bad as estrogen. In your case it would be definitely useful. Labcorp? So far I have done it in am with rest of labs. Didnt have any issue. Whole blood has platelets which have serotonin in them by design so its useful to do the serum one. It sucks if you need to go out of your way. Maybe the HSCRP will correlate with the serotonin anyway. Lets see.

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