Small Steps

The past two days after eliminating orange juice (and having eliminated garlic several  days ago), I have had no heartburn.  It’s been a relief.  I had a couple ounces of orange juice this morning with breakfast to see if I can re-introduce it in small amounts.

Otherwise things are fair.  Lots of family stress right now, and I’m having trouble managing everything.

2 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. Dear Lanie,
    Thank you so much for your wonderfully honest posts.I really look forward to them. I too am trying to live a Peat lifestyle. I know it is the most self loving for me. i also know it is hard when you have to cook and take care of others and it is easy when doing that to put yourself last. I hope you can be kind with yourself and take some time now and then to remind yourself you are doing the best you can. I know it is hard being a woman and we feel we owe so much more because of it to everyone. I struggle with balancing all the time my needs with others. It feels like sometimes it is an either or situation. Then I pause take a breath and remind myself I matter for no reason at all,Thank you again for taking the time to share your life in hopes of helping others. You are doing a great job and i send you much love and gratitude. Trebbie Thomas

  2. Trebbie, thanks for your support and compassion. Your comment is very well timed and actually made me cry. Thank you.

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