4 thoughts on “Fewer Options

  1. You could try adding baking soda to the OJ first to make it less acidic. Or dilute the acid in the OJ by mixing coconut water into the OJ first before drinking it….even just diluting it with plain water might be enough depending on how sensitive you are to the acid, but certainly if you were to use enough baking soda in it, then I can’t imagine that it would still give you heartburn.

  2. Ray Medina says you invite pathogens into your system when you do anything to neutralize your stomach acid while eating food. Others I’ve seen recommend having baking soda 15-20 minutes away from food to avoid this problem as well.

  3. Agreed that you wouldn’t want to neutralize stomach acid while eating; that would also argue against consuming too much coconut water with food since it’s slightly alkaline. I think the key with the OJ would be to put in ONLY enough baking soda to neutralize some or most of the acid in the OJ itself, so that it becomes only mildly acidic or at most neutral – but not to put in so much baking soda that it becomes alkaline and neutralizes your stomach acid. Anyway, just an idea, and of course you could do it only when you’re drinking OJ without food. I wouldn’t take baking soda on its own anywhere near food, I’d wait a lot longer than 15-20 minutes, since it’s so alkaline on its own, but I think that using just enough to reduce the acid in OJ is a different matter.

  4. Happened to me early on. Especially at night. Baking soda helps but I didnt like the taste. After a few weeks it went away. I am guessing the carrot salad reduced the dysbiosis. Still drink the same brand but no heartburn now. Try some extra carrot salad or bamboo shoots with the OJ.

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