Recovery Mode

Yesterday I did the following, trying to recover from my foray into the world of high fiber:

  • Probiotics – If Candida is the problem, better bacteria might help.
  • Raw Garlic – If endotoxin is the problem, garlic will kill the bad bacteria causing it.
  • Peat-tastic diet – juice, cheese, eggs, meat, sugar, greens – pro-metabolic, easily digestible.
  • Red light – 2-3 hours, while working at my desk – To reduce stress
  • Niacinamide and aspirin – to reduce stress and intestinal inflammation
  • Vitamin E – to reduce effects of estrogen
  • Progesterone – to reduce effects of estrogen, decrease inflammation, and promote cellular repair

This morning things don’t seem quite so dark.

And now I’m reviewing this post from July, when things were going swimmingly, to consider things I might be missing.  Looks like it’s time for some pregnenolone, shellfish, and liver.  Other than that it looks like things are back on track.

I guess I’ll just stay here.  On track.

3 thoughts on “Recovery Mode

  1. Sounds Practically Perfect…try for 30 days with absolutely no starches and lowish fat intake. I forget, do you do coffee or coconut oil?

  2. I couldn’t tell if you were still bag breathing, but I think it’s worth throwing back into the mix if you’ve stopped. Not that it would necessarily directly address any of your problems, but I’m pretty sure it has some “background” effects on well-being (for me at least).

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