The Hard Way

Well, there are two different things I’ve learned the hard way lately.

Back in May and June I was having hot flashes.  I thought I’d kick their ass by smothering them with progesterone.  For two days I took about 100mg/day of Progest E. My hot flashes disappeared after that, and haven’t returned. Success!  However, my blood pressure shot up, so I stopped and decided to take a break from progesterone altogether until the second half of my next cycle, allowing my progesterone level to drop over time.  That next cycle was a long time coming –  I think it was a 7 week cycle, so I basically took a month or so off the progesterone.  I started it up again a month ago at 3 drops, each day during the second half of my cycle.  Here’s what I noticed over the past month:

  • PMS has returned
  • Ovulation pain has returned
  • The single (but stubborn) blond whisker on my chin has returned
  • Acne has returned

All this time I thought the liver (vitamin A) was making my skin beautiful…looks like it was the progesterone keeping estrogen in balance.  All the other stuff sucks too.  So I’ve again increased my dose to about 30mg/day.

Here’s the other thing I learned the hard way.  Gut bugs grow back.  I stopped eating raw garlic, except for maybe once or twice a week, and I was also trailing off on the probiotic/prebiotic combination I’ve been taking in the mornings.  I figured my gut is fixed now!  I don’t need such silly things!  Here’s what happened when I did that:

  • Heartburn returned when I eat starches
  • Gas and bloating returned when I eat resistant starch (in the form of bananas or cooked/cooled rice)
  • Depression hasn’t returned, but my mood has taken a dip away from “happy” and toward “fine”.  Mood just isn’t quite as good.

So I’ve started eating raw garlic again yesterday – 1 clove a day for now and we’ll see how it goes – and I’m taking the prebiotic daily again.  So far that’s been going great.  Today for the first time in 4 or 5 days, no bloating, no gas, no heartburn.  I even had some rice with dinner to test it, and feel fine.

So back to more Progest E and back to probiotics/prebiotics.  I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to get off of these things, but I know now is not the time.

So how about a summary of my low-fat, low calorie eating, now that 1 full week has passed.  One week down and the following things are noted:

  • Weight lost: 1/2 pound.  Yes, you read that right.  I followed a low fat (less than 22g/fat per day) and low calorie (less than 1600 calories most days, one day with 1800 calories I think), and I lost half of a measly pound.
  • Blood sugar is under 120 more often but not always – about every other day.
  • Hunger isn’t bad.  I do get bored eating this way though. I would do it if the results made it worth my while….but so far, just meh.

I’ll continue on for a little while, and see how it goes.

Many lessons learned. No breakthroughs. Just another day in the journey.

5 thoughts on “The Hard Way

  1. I figured the buggers would be back. If you dont mind the garlic why stop it? Ever try activated charcoal to reduce endotoxin symptoms? Shrimp can give you some copper without the iron load of liver.

  2. I guess I stopped the garlic because I don’t really understand it. I mean, I’m adding good bugs with the probiotics and prebiotics and then I’m killing everything off with the garlic. Seems counterproductive. But whatever…I don’t really need to understand it. I don’t mind the garlic at all actually – i kind of crave it now. I have not tried activated charcoal. Love shrimp and eat it once a week. Liver’s got a lot going for it – much more than just copper. Have you been reading about copper lately or something? 🙂

  3. Heh. Always reading up you know. My iron levels are kind of high. I love liver so I used to it eat quite often. Now I realise that may be too much iron. Shrimp can give you the copper without the iron per Peat in some interview I heard.

    Been using quite a bit of the red light especially when threatened with a cold or something. It really is amazing. Most of the time the light is all I need. Dont want to get on antibiotics if I can help it.

  4. Are you having coffee or milk when you have meat/liver? That inhibits the absorption of some of the iron. May be time to give blood. Yeah, I ❤ red light. I can feel the difference, the relief from stress, after just a few minutes.

  5. Oh yeah. Usually some greek yogurt at least. I did donate blood once a while ago but felt too faint afterwards.

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